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How To Make An Xbox360 Arcade Joystick

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Written by DM, Purbeast on Friday, March 03 2006

Once that is done, just pop the board out of the casing. You may have to push on the analog sticks to get them to go through the hole they are coming out of. It's very simple though and you will see what I mean once you do it. Once you have the board out of the casing, just pull towards you on the 2 analog sticks and they will just pull right off with no problem.

Your controller should then look like the following picture.

Note how I have marked each solder point in that picture. At each of those points, you will notice there is some black rubbery type coating. At this point you will need your razor blade. At each of those points, you must gently and carefully scrape that rubber away. You only need to scrape enough away to expose the metal that lies underneath. You do not need to completely scrape those half circles, but just a portion of it that will expose the gold metal below it.
Make sure you do this for every point that I have marked on the diagram because you will be running a wire from each of those points. The only 2 buttons you do not need to scrape any rubber away from are the Right/Left bumper buttons. They have metal exposed already you can solder directly to, and you can see that from the picture.

Now below is the inside of the SF:AC joystick labeled with the corresponding solder points where you will run a wire from the XBox 360 controller to the joystick.

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How To Make An Xbox360 Arcade Joystick

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