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Interview with StripClubDJ
How does one achieve a gamerscore this high? What kind of person is capable of such a feat? Meet StripClubDJ.

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Written by Josh Lowensohn on Wednesday, December 06 2006

GR: What's next? Are you hanging up your hat now, or are you going to keep working your way up?

StripClubDJ: Hell no. I’m not retiring. Why? So someone else can take the number one spot? I had to work for it. So for all you “Gamerscore whores” come and get me. At this point I have around a 5k lead. I will slow up and clean up my games–like spend 14 hours finishing Dead Rising.

GR: Do you play any other consoles? PS3, Wii?

StripClubDJ: I don't play any other consoles (another reason MS should hook me up) I’m Microsoft 100% ‘til I die.

GR: Did you try to play games to completion this extensively before achievements, or have achievements made you do that?

StripClubDJ: Completion has always been first to me, but for a long time the top five was close. You could go to sleep and go from third to fifth, so yes I still play for completion. Recently I’ve been killing games, and December is gonna be dry, so I will clean everything up then. I still have games I haven't even played, like Godfather, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Viva Piñata. There’s a lot more, but I will get to all of them.

GR: Which publishers do you find include the toughest achievements?

StripClubDJ: Which publisher? That guy that makes DOA. Yeah, what the hell were you thinking beating chicks down 900 times? The rest I find pretty easy.

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