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PSP GO! New PSP Video >
2009/05/30 15:41:14: Posted by DM
The PSP GO we knew was coming, and now someone has leaked a video of the new unit. The thing is certainly sexy, a definite must-buy for us. Hopefully the homebrew crowd can do something too so we can use our emulators. Or not, since that would be illegal!

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Written by blacktiger on 2009/05/31

So what if PSP GO gamers wants to play UMD games, they can't ??? and what about PSP UMD ones, can they play downloadable ones, sinc they can handle memory stick,

but my only concern is what about PSP GO with UMD based games..?
Written by [email protected] on 2009/06/01

They point of the PSP GO is to get rid of the UMD and yes u can play downloadable games on the old PSPs, i have been playing downloadable games on my old PSP soon after i got it!!!!!

Anyone know the price on this PSP Go? I already sold my old PSP need to get this 1!!!!!!!!

Written by blacktiger on 2009/06/01

yea but if someone wants to play PSP UMD games on PSP GO ? for the price, ( u probably have to wait for E3 ) which is now...
Written by [email protected] on 2009/06/01

u'll have to get the game u want in downloadable format. The UMD is history!!!
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