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Natal Launch To Be Almost As Big As The 360's Initial Launch >
2009/06/12 9:37:23: Posted by DM
It seems Microsoft has grand plans for the debut of Project Natal. The motion-controlled camera launch will be as big as it gets, in fact, it will be almost as big as the initial launch of the Xbox360 console was. According to Shane Kim, Natal is not going to ship until the software is ready, and until there is enough software to keep every type of gamer interested, it will stay under wraps. Sounds like a grand plan, but let's hope it doesn't take 3 years to materialize.

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Written by Xenos on 2009/06/12

I'll believe it when I see it. They said that the launch of NXE would be a re-launching of the console but all it turned out to be was a new dash on the same console.

I am curious to see what Sony and MS do with their tech, but I'll never be sold on the concept until I see something that isn't possible on our standard controllers.
Written by Hand Banana on 2009/06/12

Could this be forshadowing of the next console? From the sounds of it, this thing wont be ready until damn near the launch of their next console (if they go with a 5-6 or so year lifespan.) Perhaps I am being too speculative, but it would make sense to build this in to the next gen (along with traditional control, though.)

I would hate to see them release this a year before they move on to the next generation. That would not bode well with those who invest in it.
Written by Xenos on 2009/06/12

No this will launch on and for the 360 first. I'll tell you this much.

As for how the next console will be effected or effect this move in general, would it be a big deal if the next console launched in the 2012/2013 window as long as it was backwards compatible with the 360 and Natal?
Written by Hand Banana on 2009/06/12

The problem i see is that it is a developing technology. It would be a big deal if Natal was released, the new console launched, and technological advancements made natal a tube tv on a shelf with LCDs.

Its comparable with LED advancement in regards to lighting. Many companies are dancing with trepidity around them, as they are constantly advancing. Initial investments would be void in a short period of time.

The video game market is moving towards a trend of constant advancement (firmware updates/add-ons.) Therefor this is an applicable train of thought.
Written by kr0niXz on 2009/06/12

I don't know about 'as big', but this will be huge. I want one!
Written by tr1p1ea on 2009/06/15

Were you this excited when eyetoy launched?
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