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Tekken 6 Arcade First Gameplay Video & Screens! >
2007/02/16 0:24:29: Posted by DM
The Japan Arcade show started today, and one of the first things we were able to get our hands on was a gameplay video of Tekken 6 (along with a few small screens)! The game looks amazing, folks, as you will see for yourself. The game is sure to look near-perfect on the PS3 as well. Click the link for the video, and click here for the screens. (Thanks, tr1p1ea)

*Note: If you are having trouble with the video, try using Windows Media Player 11. If you still cannot view it, use the alternative video feed, downloadable here (right-click, save-as).

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Tekken 6

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Written by CianMCL on 2007/02/16

i need this game
Written by steve_o_3000 on 2007/02/16

bah, i'll take virtua fighter over this any day. only a few more days!
Written by LiK on 2007/02/16

looks awesome, i prefer tekken over VF
Written by Nemesis IX on 2007/02/16

i prefare smash bros. over any of them, the pure multiplayer gameplay in smash bros. can't be compared with.
Written by Unbiased Technology Professor on 2007/02/16

I have always been a fan of Dead or Alive more than any other 3D fighting game. Tekken isn't very popular in arcades anymore, like it was ten years ago, because of the simple fact that the Arcade-Days of Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat, Virtua Fighter, Tekken, and Dead or Alive are over...In North America, the arcades just aren't popular anymore.

In Japan, the arcades are still popular, but Tekken was never popular in Japan...so, I really have no clue why Namco is releasing an arcade version of this game, because it might actually take away from the hype of the home versions, since people will play the arcade game first and beat it at the arcades.
Written by Kenny K on 2007/02/16

looks good, especially the character models. the background seem like they are lacking somewhat IMHO, but i have to see them in motion to get a more accurate opinion. is this already released in the arcades, meaning the game is done as of right now?

also UTP, is there one topic that you can discuss without bringing up anything xbox related? i think the 360 is great but we are discussing Tekken 6 here.

Written by Tecno_Geek on 2007/02/16

This game is looking fabulous.
Written by steve_o_3000 on 2007/02/16

i want to see some HD videos of it. you really can't see shit in that grainy video, but i'm sure it'll look great.
Written by mr new york on 2007/02/16

Awesome I can see through that shitty video.looking fantastic.
Written by Eamo on 2007/02/16

One thing about tekken. 4 and 5 were VERY easy games, it took less than one night to unlock everything the game has to offer. I hope they fix this for tekken 6, because tekken 3 is definately my favourite fighting game
Written by The Limey on 2007/02/16

Looks Great, any rumors on when this coming out for the PS3?
Written by Sky on 2007/02/16

looks great...i really would like to see a higher res video though
Written by Sky on 2007/02/16

"So is Tekken 6 a PlayStation 3 game, or an arcade game? The answer will likely be both! The game will debut sometime in 2007 as the first arcade game to use a new arcade board based off the PlayStation 3 hardware. News of a PS3-based arcade board is news in of itself, as it's the first time such a project has been mentioned. Presumably, ports to the PS3 itself will be simple, meaning Tekken 6 is as good as confirmed for home release."

thats pretty cool news.... IGN.com
Written by sicbud on 2007/02/16

I don't know where you live UTP, but here people are obsessed with tekken arcade games. People will be lined up out the door to try this game out... looks like it has a lot of potential. Can't wait to play this and VF!!
Written by Sky on 2007/02/16

@ sicbud

UTP is biased.. its very sad... if this game was announced for the 360 today he would be singing a whole different tune
Written by Kenny K on 2007/02/16

while what sky says is true about UTP, the same could be said for him on many occasions as well.

Written by Kenny K on 2007/02/16

funny how the ignorant are usually the first to point fingers.
Written by Sky on 2007/02/16

what a lie kenny

im biased kenny but not that bad.... whatever happen to u PM ing me u gamertag.... hook a brother up
Written by Kenny K on 2007/02/16

well i respect that you admit to being biased, i really do. everyone is in some respects to be honest.

also i didnt know you really wanted my GT, sure i'll send it to you.
Written by Tecno_Geek on 2007/02/16


1)This game is shaping up to be the finest beat n up EVER!!!!

2) Tekken is extremely popular in every continent.

3) Dont trust in kenny k , shes a ms fangirl.
Written by Kenny K on 2007/02/16


you really need to lay off the drugs, im no girl, im all man baby! lol
Written by Nemesis IX on 2007/02/16

tekken hasn't been great since 3, i'm not particularly looking forward to this.
Written by Kenny K on 2007/02/16

i agree, i'll admit to never being the BIGGEST tekken fan but i had a blast play 3 with my friends on my ps1. after that the series has gone downhill IMHO.

more of a VF fan myself.
Written by Fishcake21 on 2007/02/16

looks nice, now lets hope they don't fuck up gameplay like they did with 4
Written by Unbiased Technology Professor on 2007/02/16

Response to Kenny K:

In my comment above, I don't mention the word "Xbox" AT ALL!!!

I suggest that you try to read things all the way from now on, before making comments.

I do say that I like Dead or Alive more than any other 3D fighting game, but that is because two other people had already pointed out that their favorite fighting 3D fighting game was Virtua Fighter, not Tekken. So, I was just pointing out what my favorite fighting game series is...and I liked Dead or Alive since the mid-90s, before Xbox was even released...so, please, stop saying I am "biased" when I didn't even mention the world "Xbox."

Response to Nemesis IX, and Fishcake 21:

I agree, I hope that Tekken 6 doesn't play like the last couple of Tekken games, because they have been disappointments, in my opinion.
Written by Unbiased Technology Professor on 2007/02/16

Response to sicbud:

I live in the United States, and it is common knowledge that the "Golden Era" of arcades here is over; it ended in the mid 90's when the overwhelming majority of arcades closed down. Games like Tekken, Virtua Fighter, Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat, Dead or Alive, Daytona USA, Neo Geo games, and so many others could be played on home systems with even better graphics and special features not found in the arcade versions. People were not interested in spending $0.50 cents to play for a couple of minutes when they could go buy the entire game for their home system for $50 or less...Soul Caliber was only $34.99 for the Dreamcast, and that is one of the reasons why arcades in North America were put out of business.

Places like Chuck E. Cheese and other bigger places are still in business, but the fact of the matter is that it was the smaller arcades, located all over the place, which contributed the most to the "Golden Era" of arcade games when Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat, and the Neo Geo were at their high-points.

Also, I get most of my information from the game magazines, websites, and newspapers. The fact of the matter is that VF is most popular in Japan, and it is actually considered to be an unpopular game in North America and Europe; it is a game that is considered to be one that hardcore gamers like, but not the mass market. Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat are the mass market sort of games in North America; although, Mortal Kombat is not that popular in Japan. Based on what I have read for years in an unlimited number of sources, Tekken is not popular in Japan the way VF is, and it is more popular in North American and Europe. But, that still doesn't stop the fact that arcades in general are much less popular now than they were in 1995 when the first Tekken game was released.

By releasing Tekken 6 as an arcade game, I believe Namco is gambling. It will be interesting to see what happens. The Neo Geo cost $600, but people always used to say, “I’m not going to spend that much money to buy a system when I can play the games at my local arcade.” Playstation 3 is very expensive, and people may be motivated to play Tekken at arcades near their home, rather than spend $600, plus money for high-definition cables, plus buy the game. After taxes, that is well over $700. That is a gamble, in my opinion.
Written by Sky on 2007/02/16


how is it a gamble? when you buy a 600 $ or any system u buY it to play MORE then one game... im sure when you bought your 360.. u dident buy it just for one game did you? i dident think so.. most gamers .. i promise you.. who own video game consoles DONT BUY THEM TO PLAY 1 GAME..

theres tons of good games comming to the ps3.. TONS!

now how is this a gamble again?


kenny k mentioned you bringing up "xbox related" stuff.. which was DOA.. stop acting so silly... like you dident know what you was doing
Written by Game_Demon on 2007/02/17

Plz don't compare Tekken with DOA, not in the same league. Tekken 6 is gonna be huge.

Tekken 5 DR was/is a success.

According to Arcadia magazine (not the god, but quite reputable)

1. Mobile suit Gundam SEED DESTINY combination vs. Z.A.F.T.II 203.2 / Pts.

2. Tekken 5 DARK RESURRECTION 196.5 / Pts.

3. GUILTY GEAR XX SLASH 191.5 / Pts.

4. Virtua Fighter 5 (REVISION 1) 188.1 / Pts.

5. MELTY BLOOD Act Cadenza 186.5 / Pts.

6. STREET FIGHTER III 3rd STRIKE 78.9 / pts.

7. Hokuto No Ken 65.4 / Pts.

8. STREET FIGHTER ZERO3 47.0 / pts.

9. Mobile suit Gundam SEED combination vs. Z.A.F.T. 45.4 / Pts.

10.. Virtua Striker 4 Ver.2006 43.7 / Pts.

These numbers are for Japan and arcade only. It's second after a Gundam game (duh) and HIGHER than VF. That was a phenomenal success for Tekken. The interest for Tekken in the west is also undiminished

From the director of Tekken 6, the gameplay takes after Tekken 5/DR (not T4 and ffs not TTT).(IGN)

The graphics are not improved so much (hopes it's just the beta), but the character animation is a great leap forward.

For another video, search for "AOU07 Tekken6 Director Message" at youtube.

Don't u think that the "6" in the "Tekken 6" logo resembles a PS3 (from the side)?
Written by Sky on 2007/02/17

i bet UTP feels really silly right about now
Written by Unbiased Technology Professor on 2007/02/17

Response to Sky:

Sky, I was playing the first Dead or Alive game in the mid 90's when it was released. The original Xbox that had Dead or Alive 3 released for it wasn't released until about six years later.

When I mentioned Dead or Alive...I mentioned 'Dead or Alive.'

I know that the Dead or Alive franchise now appears exclusively on the Xbox 360, with the awesome Dead or Alive 4 game, but I was referring to the Dead or Alive franchise, not any particular game in the series.
Written by Sky on 2007/02/18


u should feel silly right now because of the simple fact you said tekken isent popular any more... when it clearly is in japan..

"In Japan, the arcades are still popular, but Tekken was never popular in Japan..."

what a silly quote bro
Written by arthur56k on 2007/02/18

tekken will always be a great game, but they started losing me in tekken 4, when they started having all sort of VF and DOA moves in different combinations, at some times, it was a DOA taunt followed DOA move or VF move, its still very nice and enjoyable to play, but id really like to see some originality
Written by Jambavant on 2008/02/28

since when has DOA been a fighting game?
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