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Xbox360 Prince Of Persia Returns, First Details >
2007/03/02 9:15:19: Posted by DM
Ubisoft has released a bit of info on the new Prince Of Persia game for the Xbox360. The game will refocus on the roots of the series, with less swordplay and more jumping and grappling. On top of that, the Prince will have a gauntlet instead of a knife, and players will be able to configure the gauntlet differently to produce different attributes.

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Written by Kenny K on 2007/03/02

from what i was told this is also coming to the ps3 as well
Written by Rubix42 on 2007/03/02

I love some PoP. bring on new goodness.
Written by Unbiased Technology Professor on 2007/03/02

Response to Kenny K:

If this game doesn't come to the PS3, it will be yet another example of how the combination of ease-of-development and sales-lead have resulted in the Xbox 360 receiving exclusive third-party games.

This was said in reference to something you and I talked about on another part of the website...but this was a perfect example to mention it.

And by the way, was it really necessary to change the subject, Kenny K??? What the heck is the matter with you, ya goofball!!!

Just teasing...I was just making it sould like I was giving you a hard time, for pointless reasons, like you have been doing with me lately. :p
Written by QuestimElite on 2007/03/02

damn, I still haven't play'd Warrior Within, and I'm still stuck on 'The Two Thrones' (I hate this one part Im on soo damn bad)

I meant to say 'I hate this one part I'm stuck on soo damn bad'
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