PS3 HOME Integration For RFOM, Warhawk, Drake Detailed >
2008/02/28 11:34:55: Posted by DM
Just how the PS3 HOME service will integrate with three of the top games for the console has been detailed. Firstly, RFOM will feature rooms that will let players tap into bonus content in the form of intercepted radio transmissions. Uncharted will feature a Naughty Dog portal, of sorts, and will allow the player's HOME avatars to explore the game's levels without fear of being shot at. There will also be a mini-game that is said to be reminiscent of 2D Contra or Bionic Commando. Finally, Warhawk will feature lobbies where up to 8 players can meet before a match and discuss strategies, etc. This is aided by a 3D "sand table" replica of the upcoming map, built to scale and all, and complete with tiny icons to represent player avatars. Sounds ambitious! Check the links for more details.

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Written by captkey3s on 2008/02/28

sounds cool.

but when will i get to do this? 2009?.

Boo Sony! Boo! give detail on a release date ya bastards!
Written by Sky on 2008/02/28

boo? try march 29th when the home open beta opens..
Written by B1ueBurneR on 2008/02/28

ohh, somebody is all wet and excited about March 29th. Sky don't put all your eggs in one basket. Home Sounds like a good idea, but what if it isn't, what if it bombs. What if it blows out the ass like you did Phil Harrison when you sneezed that time. Once again Home sounds like a good Idea, let see what happens.
Written by dudeman on 2008/02/28

I really like where it appears home is heading. A lot of people thought it was just going to be a second life clone. The potential is there and it is good that Sony is showing developers new and innovative ways that HOME can be used. The possibilites are endless...
Written by The Limey on 2008/02/29

I hope Sony can get some sort of online service up and running effectively, the current service is a generation behind Xbox live, it's slow and clunky, downloads take for ever.

I'm not sure about home and the direction Sony is going, it looks like it will be yet another layer of crap to get through before managing to play a game with your friends.
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