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Grasshopper Manufacture Licenses U3 Engine For New Title >
2008/10/07 8:56:06: Posted by DM
Grasshopper Manufacture, the Japanese developer responsible for Killer 7 and No More Heroes, has announced that they have licensed the Unreal 3 Engine for use in an upcoming PS3/Xbox360 title. The new game, published by EA, is being headed up by Suda 51. Click read more for the full info.


Guildford – October 7, 2008 – Iconic Japanese developer Grasshopper Manufacture has licensed Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 3 for a new multiplatform action horror game to be published by Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS). The new game is produced by legendary Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami and directed by innovative game designer Suda51.

“Unreal Engine 3 is a powerful, easy-to-implement game engine that is helping the creative team at Grasshopper quickly bring our vision to life,” said Goichi Suda, CEO of Grasshopper Manufacture. “The innovative tools and technology in Unreal Engine 3 help developers create games faster, easier and with less risk.”

“It’s an honor to work with Mikami-san and Suda-san on their next project,” said Jay Wilbur, vice president, Epic Games. “Grasshopper Manufacture is one of the most daring and innovative studios in the world, and we can’t wait to see what they’re able to do with Unreal Engine 3.

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Written by Xenos on 2008/10/07

Awesome sauce, I love this man's work.

Also I believe the game may also be scheduled for the Wii as well.
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