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The world of gaming is changing. According to recent reports conducted by Super Data Research and published on PCGamer, as well as research conducted by the Entertainment Software Association and published on CNN and at least half of all gamers are now women and they all seem to gravitate towards the latest slot games. Several communities have even introduced gifts for gamers to tempt more women to join in on the fun. The reality is that women love the virtual competition and entertainment just as much as men and aren’t afraid to admit it. Gaming isn’t only limited to consoles like X-Box or Playstation. In fact, when it comes to gaming, research has shown that women may prefer PC games. No matter how they partake in the hobby, there’s no denying that women love gaming!

But with the number of women partaking in video games, more women are also participating in similar forms of entertainment like gambling. They love trying new stuff and fun activities. When asked to imagine a poker table filled with enthusiastic gamblers, how many of the risk-takers you imagined are women? Chances are, few if any of them were. As stated by The Huffington Post, it’s time to let go of sexist ideals and start to view certain entertainment sectors with less sexism. Like gaming, the gambling scene is changing, thanks in particular to female gamers.



It’s time to roll the die or play a different hand of cards, because gambling certainly isn’t what it used to be. By now what’s likely on the forefront of your mind is why? What is driving so many women not only to gaming but to gambling, than ever before? Likely at the forefront of increased gambling, particularly among women, is growing accessibility. Online gambling has become bigger, better, and easier than ever, proving that just about anyone can gamble, no matter where they are. Additionally, gambling on a computer or a mobile phone makes it easy for the player to conceal. Perhaps women feel that they can satisfy their desire for that competitive entertainment and risk-taking, without judgment, much like in the world of gaming.

Another possible explanation for why many female gamers have turned to gambling is the ability for new players to play without needing to make a deposit. It can be difficult for some women to turn down the chance to play free games at NetBet.org or similar online gambling sites. Free is practically a magic word, is it not? Many online casinos allow users, particularly new users, to try slots and other games for free. Essentially, it’s a risk-free way to learn more about the particular platform, while also having a good amount of fun. Not to mention, with so many online casinos competing to take on more gamblers, the promotions and benefits can often times allow for hours of free play, with the potential for a great reward! That’s hard for anyone to turn down!

According to the SAMHSA Advisory Committee for Women’s Services, women are more likely to play gambling games like bingo or slots and are less likely to gamble at the track, on sports, on cards, or take part in illegal gambling. Given that information, it makes sense that many of the women who find gambling to be a great time, are the same women who enjoy spending hours as part of the virtual gaming world.

Another reason many female gamers may turn to gambling is because of the sense of equality and community. While women face constant, frustrating inequality in the real world, both gaming and gambling communities offer a sense of community and belonging, even to so-called “misfits” who may struggle to feel like they belong. Both game makers and gambling site creators have taken notice, creating female-friendly platforms and even characters to encourage female participation. According to Vegas Master particularly in terms of online gambling, modern online casinos have begun using techniques to appeal specifically to women.

Women may also be inspired by the faces they’re seeing on nationally televised events as well as on social media. While female gamers aren’t exactly superstars or celebrities known across the country, poker stars like Sofia Lovgren have allowed women to see themselves in what was predominately a male-controlled world. It may seem odd to have a poker star as a role model, but you’d be surprised the kinds of people young and influential gamers look up to.

Along that same track, there are now more female professionals in the gambling industry than there used to be. When a woman is working behind the scenes trying to boost sales, increase online traffic, and encourage new users to join online casinos and gambling communities, it makes sense that other women would be the target. Clearly, those women in charge know what they’re doing! More women are also the breadwinners of the family which means they’re not stuck only pulling funds from their husbands’ pockets. If they’re making their own money, they’re likely spending their own money too. A lot of those hard-earned dollars are going toward recreational activities with a fun amount of risk involved: gambling!

The reality is that women are constantly looking for a creative outlet just as much as men are. Female gamers may finally feel like they’re a part of something and once they’re exposed to the world of online gambling, they continue to venture out. With online casinos making gambling more accessible and entertaining than ever before, men aren’t the only ones paying attention. It seems as if gaming has allowed for women to easily find the door to bigger and better things. Or at least that’s the way millions of female gamblers see it! 

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