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Call Of Duty 4 XBox360 Multiplayer Preview

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Written by DM on Thursday, August 23 2007

Note: If you are looking for the Call Of Duty 4 multiplayer videos, click here to grab them.

Since Call of Duty 4 was officially announced as a “modern combat” title, gamers all over immediately were skeptical. With games like Battlefield 2 and the Tom Clancy titles, which have already made a successful spot for themselves in the “modern combat” market, the task ahead of Infinity Ward would be difficult, to say the least. IW and Activision were going to have to come up with a way to innovate gameplay in CoD4 in order to make it stand out, yet keep the meat of the CoD play that some many gamers have come to love. In order to make achieve this more easily, Infinity Ward has decided to run an extensive beta program for the multiplayer mode of Call of Duty 4 via Xbox Live. This will not only give players a chance to provide input so that IW can tweak the game before retail, but it also gives gamers a way to truly see that Call of Duty 4 is indeed extremely innovative and stand-out in its online play.

Now, do not misinterpret what I am about to say, by no means am I putting the game down. The gameplay itself is very good, with a steady frame rate and all the things gamers come to expect from an fps title. The gameplay itself though, is not revolutionary or unique. What makes Call of Duty 4 so innovative is the elaborate rank, class, power up, streak reward, and perk system that Infinity Ward has setup. Now I know you are saying that many FPS game have persistent online ranking systems these days, and that is true. CoD4, however, goes well beyond a simple ranking system to provide some truly clever options. The main benefit of CoD4 though, is the ability to design a completely unique player dynamic, which can be set up in any number of configurations. We all know that gamers, more so than many other demographics, like to “own” their players, in other words, the more a gamer can customize his or her online persona, the more likely they will play with said persona. Call of Duty 4 provides literally thousands of permutations for designing your warrior. Of course, this only comes with time, as many options, perks, and weapons, are only unlocked after extensive time put in online.

One of the gameplay features which is something that you will find a bit different in CoD4 is the streak reward system. As you kill enemies, there are rewards for killing and not dying. At 3 kills without dying, you are given access to a UAV drone, at 5 kills in a row, you are able to call in an airstrike on any location, and at a whopping 7 kills, you will be able to activate a friendly chopper which fires upon enemies from the sky. All these are activated with the same right D-pad motion though, so IW made it easy to activate during the heat of combat.

The beta is capped at level 11, for now, which is equivalent to the rank of Sergeant I. The game is rumored to have over 50 ranks, but in the beta you can only see what is unlockable up until about level 25. After that, the options are all marked with “classified.” When you begin, you will notice that most options are locked. This is because Infinity Ward has decided that ranks 1-3 will be simply for players to get a feel of the game using four well-established warrior classes: Assault, Special Ops, Heavy Gunner, and Demolitions. These four classes are your basic modern warfare FPS standards, Assault uses assault rifles, Special Ops uses SMG weapons, the Heavy Gunner uses full-bore machine guns, and Demolitions uses a shotgun and explosives. Your first three ranks will be spent using these ranks so don’t blow them off completely.

The game really begins at rank 4, which is when the “Create a Class” option becomes available. Don’t let the name fool you though, this is just a clever name for the mode where gamers will be able to select their own primary weapon and accessories, side arm and accessories, special grenade, and perks. Of course, when you first unlock Create a Class, there is not much you can choose from at rank 4. Come rank 5 though, things begin to unlock, such as The Barracks. Your Barracks is where you will be spending most of your time online checking your “unlocking” progress.

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