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XBox Live Back Up, Send Msgs From XBox.com To Live Players >
2006/05/02 17:39:45: Posted by DM
Now that Xbox Live and Xbox.com are back up, even though there are no new trailer or demos yet on the marketplace, there is one new feature on Xbox.com that is great. Once you are signed in to Xbox.com under your live tag, you can send msgs to other Xbox Live players on your friends list. It is about time!

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Written by David Sterry (1) on 2006/05/03

Does this mean the X-box is going to be a playground for internet stalkers and perverts?
Written by me (4) on 2006/05/03

No, it's just as easy as sending a message from a 360 to anyone who has an xbox live account.

What is wrong with you people? Always looking at the bad side of stuff.
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