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Irth Online Q&A

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Written by DM on Monday, January 09 2006

Ferrum and his followers would always be enemies with Shantimar for the unjust execution of his sister. Shantimar was considered to be the essence of evil. Ferrum considered the king reprehensible for he refused to accept prophesied instruction and single handedly was responsible for divine retribution that divided and misguided a portion of the people.

Therefore three schools of thought emerged from reaction to the plague; 1) Stay true to King Darus and his royal bloodline (Arcadian), stay true to Prophet Ferrum and to divine authority (Mezotek), or stay true to Lord Shantimar the only exile of the noble bloodline. (Morbus)

Each of the three civilizations holds the others in contempt and intend on reuniting the Irth under one ideological rule.

A fourth nation emerged called Avaria. Avaria is the only non-PvP civilization. It is made up of immigrants from the other three civilizations who grew tired of the constant war between hostile nations. They won their independence for they have claimed to have found the secret to the ancient plague and have threatened to release its contents on any nation that harms an Avarian.

All four nations have an agenda for world dominance. The three PvP nations intend on achieving this through combat and conquest. The Avarians plan to achieve this through economic might.

So as players choose their civilization they will decide, “Will I become a PvP Arcadian and return the Irth to its rightful royal rule through combat?” Will I become a PvP Mezotek and return the world to its rightful divine rule through combat?” Will I become a PvP Morbus and fight for society’s outcasts and return world control to those whom had it unjustly taken away?” “Or will I become a Non-PvP Avarian and bring peace to the world through economic might?”

Do you charge a monthly fee for Irth online? Can you tell us a bit about the player referral system? It sounds like a novel approach to membership.

Yes there is a monthly fee but the first month is free and players can also take a free trial account before deciding to purchase the game.

We have the greatest community in any MMORPG. Our players are the most helpful and knowledgeable MMORPG enthusiasts you will find anywhere. We wanted to find a way to express our sincere gratitude to all the previous beta testers and current players. They guided us in creating the type of game that the MMORPG community had demanded. They continue to direct us as we add more features and mechanics to customize the player experience to specification. The Irth community has shaped and molded this game and will continue to do so in the future. Our previous betas testers and current players are as much a part of the development team as any one of us.

So, if a player has many friends, he or she could actually play the game for free for a very long time.

The graphics and look of the game are pretty impressive, what engine do you have pushing the game? Is it proprietary?

It is proprietary. We wanted a unique look and feel so we designed our own. We couldn’t be happier with the result. The engine is extremely reliable and offers a wide range of possibilities with regard to content and mechanics.

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