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Written by DM on Monday, January 09 2006

Lastly, is there anything you would like to tell our readers about Irth? The GR public is always looking for a new MMO game to occupy their time.

Yes, come on in and give it a try. You can take a free trial and see if it’s for you. We have an open skill system with about 50 professions to develop. We have the most intricate crafting system of any other MMO out there. Alchemists have around 500 potions to craft. Cooks have 250 recipes. Brewers have 250 brews to make. Pharmacists make about 200 different bandages. Scribes have almost 1,400 things to scribe. Engineers can create designs for over 1,500 items. Over 1,500? Can that be true? Yes it is, 1,500. But don’t worry we’re adding more. Tinkerers have so many items to make I have lost count. Jewelers have about 200 pieces to make. Chose professions in healing, meditation, taming, blacksmithing, enchanting, herbalism, lumberjacking, mining, smelting, woodcraft, weaponsmith, fishing, tailoring, fabric weaving, basket weaving, pottery, masonary/sculpting, the list goes on and on and on. In Irth you get a free house. Not a virtual room but a house with a plot of land in a player run village. In Irth you can start your own guild village and have it built to your specifications. It is a very interactive world. See a tree cut it down, harvest the logs and all is left is a stump. See cotton pick it. See an herb, harvest it. See a rock, mine it. See a small rock, pick it up and throw it. See a wild animal, tame it, make it your pet. And more. Much more. Irth Online has the greatest community of any MMORPG. Our members direct future content of the game. We consider them part of the development team and they are critically important to all that we do. So if you want to play a game where your input on future development is prioritized by the developers, give us a try and help shape the future of Irth, where you’re not just a player, you are part of the development family.

Thanks for letting me pontificate; I had a lot if fun.

Thanks very much for speaking with us here at www.gamersreports.com!

First of all we would like to thank Dan and the rest of the crew at Irth for taking the time to speak with us, and we have a special treat for the GR readers. Dan has provided a special discount code for any of the GR redares who wish to try Irth online. Head on over to and enter the code MD-NOV and the ID Code on the next page CRPXL-GRP. You will be able to check out this great MMO for a great price.

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