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Written by DM on Monday, January 09 2006

Let’s get down to some details. What is the max level that players can attain in Irth, and approximately how long would it take to reach that max? How many races are playable in the game, and do they all have different pluses and minuses?

Well that’s not the kind of game that Irth is. There is no leveling out really.
Irth is a different game in the sense that you don’t play to level out and look for another game. Irth is a game that will always evolve and prioritize the community that plays it. It is our goal to nurture this community by playing the game with them.

So you can’t really max out your character because we are moving with the players. For instance many skills available to players to develop are around a 200 internal level max. As we add additional content the new set of skills will advance to 300, then 400 and so on. Another example is metal armor. There are 7 metals, iron, copper, old copper, gold, black rock, lava rock, and Irthonium. 3 metal armor types, scale, chain, and plate. And 3 crafting procedures for each, normal, polarized and refined. So there are 63 full sets of metal armor available initially for players to pursue. The best armor in this list of 63 is Refined Irthonium Plate. That should take a player over six months to get. But at that point new armor is scheduled to be added. In fact Orbium shavings and Orbium Armor is being added now as a very rare commodity. The Orbium armor set will equal Refined Irthonium Plate stats but has very low reqs because of its light weight properties, a highly sought after item indeed.

There are four playable races. Each race exists in each civilization. Because we are civilization based and not race based and we have an open skill system, the inherent differences between races are not significant in the grand scheme of things. Game design focuses on player freedom to develop any skill for any character. Therefore the differences must be minimal. Of course some characters may have a propensity to develop certain skills over others but any skill can be developed by any character.

>b>What led you to develop Irth online? What did you feel was missing from other MMO games that made you decide to give the genre a try for yourself?

Well first of all I don’t want to bash any other game, because quite honestly we love a lot of them, maybe even most of them. But, we felt that some of the original features and mechanics that the early MMORPG’s had were missing from newer releases. We wanted to bring those features and mechanics back in a format of updated graphics while adding our own twist. So I guess you consider Irth Online a place where old meets new.

How long have you been working on Irth online, and how many members are on the Irth team?

We were in pre-release development for two years. We started out with two employees and it grew to about 20.

Do you have future expansions and add-ons planned for Irth, we know players eventually reach a point where they complete all that can be done in an MMO game, and if there is no new content, they loose interest. What are you doing to make sure this does not happen to Irth?

Well first of all development will never stop. The Irth world is absolutely enormous. The current playable landmass is gigantic and accounts for less than 1/10 of the actual available playable area. So we have no intention to stop development or stop adding content. We have a list of upcoming features and mechanics that rival what’s already in the game.

Expansion packs are planned for the introduction of new continents when the time is right. I don’t know exactly when that will be, but I would guess it would be a couple years away. It all depends on the players really.

Do you plan to have special Holiday events in the world of Irth, Christmas decorations, Haloween costumes, that sort of thing?

Yes. We want to take advantage of as many holidays as we can, and hopefully we can come up with some great ideas. We had pumpkin hunts around Halloween and thanksgiving and had pumpkin recipes for foods, beverages and potions. The pumpkin recipes not only buffed up your character but turned you into a giant orange chicken for a specified duration. Also at Halloween all the NPC’s turned into skeletons. It was lots of fun. At Christmas time players could buy Christmas trees and decorations and decorate their own trees in their homes. Santa hats were sold on all the vendors and all the NPC’s wore Santa hats in celebration of the holiday. And special holiday drinks and recipes were added like eggnog at all the taverns. I guess the next holiday is Valentines Day. Hmmm wonder what we could do with that?

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