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Top 10 Gaming Gadgets & Accessories Of 2007

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Written by DM on Wednesday, January 09 2008

4. The PSP Remote Play Feature

While technically this is more of a software feature, you still need to own a PSP for remote play to work, and the PSP really acts as a hardware controller for the service. For those uninitiated among you, let me explain the awesomeness that is remote play. Once you have paired your PSP with your PS3, you have a ton of options. Anywhere that there is a WiFi connection, say Panera Bread Restaurants, or Starbucks, you can pull out the trusty PSP and, as a first step once you are connected, remotely power-on your PS3 at home. Once you have done so and connected to your PS3 via the WiFi internet connection, basically what comes up on your PSP is a replica of the PS3 XMB console menu. From this menu on the PSP, you can operate your PS3 as if you were in front of it. You can play any PSone games you have downloaded to your PS3, and you can even play 1 or 2 PS3 games (Lair works, and a few Japanese games). The even cooler thing about remote play is that if you have your PS3 setup to stream DivX movies from your PC, then you can select those DivX movies with remote play, and the PS3 will stream these AVI files from your PC to your PSP, wherever in the world you connect from! Combine this with the PSP TV out cable, and you have instant movies on TV from your PC, anywhere in the world. How cool is that? Cool enough to make number 4 on the list, that’s how cool.

3. The Microsoft Xbox360 Chatpad

This little unit was released without much fanfare or hype. In fact, many game stores did not even stock more than a few pieces of the unit to begin with. We were fortunate enough to get our hands on one though, and it is one of the more useful accessories to grace a console in a while. The unit basically adds a full QWERTY keypad to any Xbox360 controller by snaping on to the bottom of the pad. Users can then type any text messages to other Xbox Live or MSN Messenger users without using the virtual keyboard. Talk about a time saver! Gamers can also use the chatpad buttons as shortcuts to bring up the send message window directly, or access their profiles directly. All this for just $24.99, and it comes with a new headset? Good stuff.

2. The Nintendo DS

I know, this was not released in 2007, nor is it a gaming accessory. Well, the thing of it is, the DS is a great little unit that can be used for so many different things, that we felt it had to be included in the list. The Nintendo DS continues to sell insane amounts of units all over the globe – it is unstoppable. With add-ons like the movie player and homebrew memory card, and games like Brain Age 2 and Cooking Mama, and even software that allows gamers to use the DS as a PDA, the DS is a virtual multi-tasking gadget that anyone can afford at just a bit over $100 USD. Nintendo keeps on innovating with the DS, and it will likely make our list again next year.

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