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Bethesda 'Can Afford' Bungie's New Game >
2009/07/27 19:44:17: Posted by DM
Only the biggest publishers will be able to afford publishing the new, as-yet-unannounced, non-Halo, Bungie title. This includes the likes of Microsoft, Activision, EA, and Bethesda. This comes from Bethesda's Ashley Cheng himself. Posting on his personal blog, Cheng wrote that he suspects MS only has dibs on two more Bungie games, and then they are done. Halo Reach and ODST would likely fulfill this stipulation for Bungie. The number of publishers who could afford to publish a Bungie game could be counted on one hand, Cheng said, "EA (via EA Partners), Activision, Ubisoft, Microsoft, and of course, Bethesda. I can only imagine how much it will cost to snag their next title." Could this be a hint? The Elder Scrolls V: MasterCheif Chronicles?

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