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New Dreamcast Emulator For Windows At MadriDC >
2006/02/18 12:31:21: Posted by DM
According to DCEMU, a new DC emulator fo windows is almost done is will be released shortly. Its name is NullDC it will be presented at the MadriDC party. The emulator is being done by some members of the ICARUS project. You will understand the last two sentences if you follow the DC EMU scene, if not, the details are below.(Thanks, HSO)

-A debug console for SH4 and Arm7 (great tool and very well done)
-KOS app run 100% ok and very fast (great compatibility)
-Sound not working (WIP)
-Open source
-BIOS screen emulation

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Written by MAKAVELI on 2006/08/06

emulation sucks
Written by Jon (88) on 2006/09/17

Emulation is good for those of us who can't find these games or these systems anywhere. Having emulation has made my life better, as I can remember these old games I used to play, and, in most cases, be better and actually beat parts I couldn't beat when I was younger. So, you say emulation sucks. I say, you suck.
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