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Battlefield: Bad Company

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Written by DM on Monday, June 30 2008

Battlefield 1942 on the PC was a game that many players loved. The hardcore guys played it religiously, and even those who did not play on a regular basis appreciated the nuances it offered. Dice’s next offering, Battlefield 2, once again moved the FPS/conquest play genre forward, despite its constant patches and upgrades. Unfortunately, many of the BF2 incarnations suffered from cheaters and boosters. Now Dice brings us the first totally new BF game since then, Battlefield: Bad Company (BF2142 is basically a BF2 mod, let’s be honest). Will gamers come-a-runnin’ to the consoles in order to jump on the BF:BC bandwagon?

Dice is taking a fairly big chance moving its BF series to consoles with the new game, especially because they added a full featured single-player adventure – something that the BF series has never really provided before. Dice is basically looking to secure its position as a console game powerhouse, and rightfully so – there are many benefits for a developer who ingratiates themselves with home console gamers.

Unfortunately, BF:BC can be underwhelming at first glance. The game basically takes character types from the likes of old movies such as Kelly’s Heroes and The Dirty Dozen (great movie), Sergeant Apone from Aliens one review said, and if you are more into the aloof, NAVY SEAL type cold-killer, you are not going to like the personas that Dice has created. The main man of the hour, Preston Marlowe (how cliché can you get) has joined with a group of hard-edged soldier boys called Bad Company. These boys are troublemakers who have basically been assigned to cannon fodder duty by the military brass, and of course, end up on the front line of battle where mere mortals fear to tread. Along with Haggard, Sweetwater, and Sergeant Apone, you press forward and crack wise during even the most heated firefights.

Your field of battle is somewhere in Eastern Europe, and you are fighting, well, the Russians. Who else? You also run into The Legionnaires from time to time, and while they sound more like an after-school community service organization, they are actually a band of faceless mercs whose firepower can overwhelm the Russians.

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