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2008/02/22 14:22:18: Posted by vividbreeze


San Diego, CA (February 21, 2008) – iZ3D, LLC, designer, developer, and marketer of advanced 3D visualization systems, is pleased to announce that the award-winning online retailer www.newegg.com now offers the iZ3D 22-inch widescreen 3D monitor at retail. Offering commercial-grade image quality and display brightness, the monitor is designed to replace standard 2D monitors and provides users an immersive 3D viewing experience. The iZ3D monitor will be available for purchase at www.newegg.com beginning February 15 at an introductory price of $699.99.

“The addition of Newegg.com as an iZ3D channel partner is a significant step forward for not only iZ3D, but is a sign of the growing trend towards the immersive 3D viewing experience. We feel the added exposure at www.newegg.com will provide more recreational gamers and 3D video buffs the opportunity to enjoy the rich 3D graphics that popular off the shelf games and 3D movies have to offer,” remarked Thomas Striegler, CEO of iZ3D, LLC.

The iZ3D 22" monitor offers the first S-3D drivers to be compatible with popular dual output cards, including the NVIDIA GeForce 8 Series and the ATI FireGL™ V3600 workstation graphics accelerator. These drivers also are optimized to take advantage of Intel’s® latest Core™ 2 Duo and Intel® Core™ 2 Quad processor technologies. (iZ3D also features drivers that support Microsoft® DirectX® 8 and 9 graphics in both Windows® XP and Microsoft® Windows Vista™.)

"Adding the iZ3D monitor to our offerings is in line with our constant effort to provide our customers with access to the latest technology and offer a well rounded product selection," commented Michael Amkreutz, vice president of product management at Newegg.

iZ3D monitors incorporates advances in technology that creates significant competitive and technical advantages over other display systems. Graphic artists have embraced the iZ3D monitor as an essential tool for 3D modeling. It is difficult to design in 3D while viewing the design in 2D. iZ3D developed this unique technology to create an adjustable 3D environment without causing eyestrain, spatial disorientation, or headaches. In 3D mode, viewers can see clear, bright, sharp 3D images and videos simply by wearing any of a variety of passive polarized glasses. Also, its smart capabilities allow it to be changed at the push of a button from the breath-taking 3D experience to the more mundane 2D viewing for regular office tasks or surfing the web.

The unit is easily powered by any existing PC equipped with a dual-output video card. Specifications include: 1680 x 1050 resolution; up to 170-degree 3D viewing angle; 5ms response time; 700:1 contrast ratio; and 16.7-million colors. The iZ3D 22” widescreen, 3D gaming monitor is available now via newegg.com. The monitor is also available on the iZ3D.com website for $799.

About Newegg
Newegg.com is the second-largest online-only retailer in the United States, attracting more than 8.7 million registered users and earning industry-leading customer service ratings. Founded in 2001, Newegg Inc. attained approximately $1.9 billion in revenue in 2007. "Those who know" - IT professionals, do-it-yourself computer enthusiasts, avid online gamers, students, small-to-midsize businesses, resellers and consumers - consider Newegg.com their top choice for computer and IT products and consumer electronics. At its award-winning Web site, www.newegg.com, shoppers can compare a comprehensive selection of the latest high-tech products, view detailed product descriptions, pictures, how-to information and customers reviews, and interact with other members of the technology and gaming community. Newegg.com is headquartered in City of Industry, Calif. For more information, visit

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