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Sony Says PS3 Outsells 360 In Europe >
2008/05/06 15:26:01: Posted by DM
Today at Sony's PS Day event, Sony reps claimed that the PS3 has outsold the Xbox360 in Europe. The PS3 has sold 5 million units overseas, and according to Kaz Hirai, is still on track with the "10 year plan." Hopefully things start to pick up for Sony, gamewise that is.

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Written by dudeman on 2008/05/06

not much new here. 360 hasn't been selling well outside of the US...and is even struggling in the US lately.
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/05/06

LOL @ The 10 year plan. Notice with the PS1 and PS2 there was never a 10-year plan. But now that the PS3 limped out of the gate they are acting as if this was the plan all along. Nobody ever plans for slow sales. Nobody ever wants slow sales. Nice damage control Sony.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/05/06

Actually Pimp PS1 is ten years and so is PS2, so I dont know what your laughing about, because PS2 is still kicking 360 and PS3's ass, so don't be suprise when PS3 does the same...

and 360 is slowing down sales finally knowning only thing they have is Gears of War which dont matter cause HOME and Little Big Planet and Resistance will keep gamers busy,

And you know I hate when half of the ppl bought PS3 because of the name, and half of the ppl bought 360 for dumb marketting like Nintendo Wii !!!
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/05/06

PS1 was nowhere near 10 years. PS2 is on it's last legs as we speak after 7 years. Throw your Sony BS PR somewhere else SDF. They said 10 year plan because they knew they werent going to repeat the same success they had from the past. Thanks to the high price tag, and stiff competition. And I could care less about your CGI demos and Vaporware Home.
Written by Matt on 2008/05/06

blacktiger, HOME and Little Big Planet aren't released yet and Resistance is a boring FPS launch title. The 360 has loads more titles and you didn't even mention the few titles the PS3 does have.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/05/06

for you everything is everything, because who you are, admit your a fanboy so you love to deny,

PS2 is still kicking the sales !!!

well its boring if your a fanboy, IM hardcore FPS game, and i tell you resistance is close as medal of honor allied assault, antyhing close to that is Call of duty 4, the rest is trying hard , yes they are fun but not a legend as they are !!!

Lets see wht you have to say when you see resistance 2 with 60 players then you probably gonna say oh thats boring too many ppl !!!

you guys are true fanboyism !!!

and No matt i wasn't talking about wahts fun that is already out ! I was talking about why ppl are buying PS3 more than 360 because of the upcomming games, unlike MS only releasing Gears of War 2.

Remember PS3 been outselling X360 since October 2007 !

Not to mention worldwide release which MGS4 is gonna be the biggest game of all time !

Maybe for Pimp and you might not like the game at all !!!

Since its only for PS3, once if it ever come to X360 then you will love the game which is odd, you guys supposed to respect video games not hardware crap !
Written by The Limey on 2008/05/06

It's selling cause it is the cheapest blueray player, nothing to do with games, Sony better hope that people are buying loads of movies, so that they can make back all the money that they loosing on every console.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/05/06

actually movies aren't doing well, infact, more games are selling then the movies itself, hence its selling more blueray player stand alone then ps3's so really where are you getting the fact from, you can go to gameindustrybiz webite they will tell you all the facts limey !

But either way, even if its sells a lot for PS3 cause of Blueray, thats just called business, I'm sure MS is doing the same crap !

Remember I had enough with having all seperate devices that to play entertainment, now that i have PS3,



Media Streaming

Tv Recording (future, 20 channels record at the same time)

and so on which i like, i mean how many players do i have lets see, 5 and they all ugly !!!
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/05/06

BlackTiger: Dont ever talk about respect when it comes to videogames. Not when you go as far as you do to defend Sony.

If Sony respected anyone they would not have trojan horsed an unproven, unneccesary technology like Blu-Ray and then charged it's loyal customers for it. IF they respected thier customers they wouldnt have launched a $600.00 console. If they respected their customers they wouldnt have packed in a Blu-Ray movie instead of a game. If they respected thier customers they wouldnt have left forcefeedback out, only to put it in later. Do I need to go on???

And before you go thow your smoke and mirros defense of Sony by saying Microsoft has RROD. Hey fine, I admit they are not perfect. But they owned up to thier mistake with a 3-year warranty, fixing the issue for free, and refunding all past repairs. THATS RESPECT!!!!!

Oh and no actually Microsoft is not forcing us to pay for something we dont want or need to play videogames. Live, HD-DVD, wifi, HDD are all optional. See here in the USA where I live we like the freedom of choice. We dont want some corporation making all of our chices for us so they can advance thier hidden agenda. Which was to win the next gen movie format war. So until the PS3 is at least $300.00 or cheaper I refuse to support Sony in this generation. I have no problem paying for a videogame console, but an HD movie player??? I would just as soon go buy a stand alone player if it was that important to me.
Written by incoming00 on 2008/05/06


actually, what you mention about MS, thats not respect to customers, thats what you do to avoid a class action lawsuit. respect would've been MS acknowledging a problem before launch and delayed the console a few months to make it right not release it and hope no one notices. thats what software makers do(oh wait... lol), make the early buyers the "beta" testers and fix problems later. i like my new elite 360 being protected by the RROD, but what about the disc drive error and disk scratches?
Written by blacktiger on 2008/05/06

Listen who cares if sony or ms is not respecting, did i say go kiss sony;s ass or ms's ass, i said love the video games if they are good, stop kissing anyone's ass !

You said if they respected customers they wouldn't launch movies instead of games you forgot, its a entertainment system not console, you see what happen when you dont pay attention...

By the way Sony doesn't have three year warranty because they dont have a faulty like PS3 does,

Now look they both sucks or amazing who cares, if you love games you would shut up and play it !

its like you go so borred of 360, but cant afford to get PS3 or something damn, and you the one said your married,

Good job buddy !

I think we all love video games as far i am concerned, excpt for you, you love everything from Microsoft,

oh sorry i think i made a mistake before you hop yourself, i meant the 360 has a lot of faulty there for they have no choice but to give 3 year faulty, I belive my friend is still on third console and RSV 2 is still not working !!!

Man I can imagine how desperate everyone wants PS3 after so mahy failure !

but to ppl who hasn't got their damage which i doubt it, HAVE FUN !




Incomming I though Disc error and disk scratches fixes with RROD ?

still problem ?
Written by incoming00 on 2008/05/06


from what i heard, the 360 disc can still crap out or scratch the hell out of your games. but from what i know, thats 1st generation 360's. not sure how the newer 360's or the elites fair against that, but i do no that no 360 is prone to the RROD...
Written by blacktiger on 2008/05/06

oh i didnt know that, thanks for letting me know...

But I hope Gears Of War 2 doesn't give problem, can you imagine if it does...

Would anybody be suprise...?
Written by incoming00 on 2008/05/06

i meant disc drive
Written by blacktiger on 2008/05/06

Oh and Pimp here is an example how you are a fanboyism,

you said how Sony is not respect and blah blah blah, sounds like how MS does respect their customers, Remember with Xbox 360 you can not upgrade any hard drive you want, you have to buy the ones that made MSX360, unlike PS3, any laptop hard drive will work,

You see MS didn't care all they wanted is money,

Sure Sony forced us to get blueray but hey at least BlueRay won in their department, another word its almost free baby !

Now I'm sure your thinking of something to argue about !
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/05/06

Incoming00: You can look at it that way. Maybe they did avoid a class action lawsuit. How do we know if they released a faulty console on purpose. That seems beyond irresponsible. Do you think maybe just maybe they rushed the console to market but didnt really know there was a problem till the RROD started happening alot??? Did they redesign the console like Sony did with the PS1 and PS2??? I know those problems were real, and werent fixed. Sony never manned up.

What I know is this. Microsoft did man up. They accepted responsibility for the RROD. Last time I checked you never got RROD. Neither have I. You chose to exchange your 360 for an Elite. If you had experienced RROD with your premium 360 it was covered by a warranty. As for the disc scratching. Once again. Have you or I ever had that problem??? If it was a serious widespread problem then I am sure Microsoft would man up again rather then going slimline like Sony would.
Written by incoming00 on 2008/05/06

the problems for the PS1 and PS2 only affected 2% of the users, not 33% with a 100% outcome of possible RROD's on all consoles(something MS did admit to prior to new generations of 360's). the only way MS would have "man upped" in this situation was if they recalled all the consoles and fixed them/issued new ones. the warranty is basically an insurance to "if" and "when" it gets the RROD. and yes, i can show you my Halo 2 game with a matching "Halo" scratch in the game caused by my first 360, which by the way made my Halo 2 game unplayable and MS did nothing regarding this because it wasnt a 360 game...
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/05/06

BlackTiger: I am not going to respond to your personal insults, your use of words that are against TOS, and above all else I honestly cant understand a damn thing you wrote. Therefore what few brain cells I have left after reading all of that are not worth wasting on a response.

I can debate with Incoming00 because I can actually understand him and he can understand me. HE and I may disagree but we dont get personal or cuss at each other.

As for you BlackTiger. Debating with my children would be more challenging and more worthwhile then debating with you. Like I have said many times. If you want to get personal or engage me in a real debate go to flamingwars. I dont want go get banned so I will let you off easy. Anybody that has visited this site for the past 2 years knows I would take you to school and own you. But with the TOS rules in enforcement I am forced to hold my tongue.

incoming00: You or I dont know the true percentages of PS1 and PS2 consoles with it's disc reading issues. Just like nobody knows the true percentage of 360's with RROD issues. So these percentages mean nothing unless you have an actual fact sheet from Microsoft or Sony.

Microsoft saying that all 360's could fail with RROD is the truth. It's also common sense. All electronics will fail over time. Nothing is manufactured to last forever. Why do you think these companies only offer 1-year warranties??? Because they know thier hardware isnt perfect. It's why I dont custom build computers for my clients and instead have them buy direct from Dell or a local computer shop. Why??? Because I cant afford to offer a warranty on something I didnt make, let alone offer a warranty on something I know will fail over time.

Also why would Microsoft replace a game that is out of warranty. I dont know how long the warranty is on a game disc when you buy it, but it's a bit of a far reach for you to want Microsoft to fix a several year old game just because it got scratched. I have plenty of games from generations past that either scratched, or wouldnt read (cartridge). Nobody replaced them. I was fine with it. It's acceptable wear and tear. Just like VHS tapes, audio tapes. Floppy disks. Hard Drives. Audio CD's. DVD movies, etc... Should I have gone to every manufacture and said hey I have had your game or music or whatever for a few years, it got ruined by a piece of your hardware, can you replace it with a new one for free??? Lets be reasonable.
Written by Sky on 2008/05/06

2 down 1 to go... finish the fight
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/05/06

Seriously one game, that was old got scratched and you want to say every 360 scratches games now??? If thats the case why go out and trade in for another 360 thinking that your games are all gonna get scratched???

Incoming00: Bottom line is Microsoft did something that no other console manufacture has done. They have offered a 3-year warranty on the RROD issue, refunded all repair costs for those people they had charged, and have hopefully addressed the issue in the newer 360's. All other hardware issues are covered by the standard 1-year warranty. Microsoft may have screwed up with the RROD issue but they took the proper steps to fix them. Just like Nintendo did by replacing all of the faulty Wii-Straps. If you want to nitpick why Microsoft gave us a 3-year RROD warranty, fine. But at least they did something. At least they admitted to it.

Something Sony hasnt done for 2 generations, and now that more and more forums are reporting Blu-Ray drives taking a crap on PS3 owners, I am curious to see how Sony responds. Now that thier console is at least a year old. It's bad enough that they charged you guys for Blu-Ray to begin with, but now they want to charge you guys to replace that same Blu-Ray drive.
Written by Sky on 2008/05/06

sony> MS.. nuff said
Written by incoming00 on 2008/05/06


your missing the point on the Halo 2 game being scratched. it wasnt caused by normal wear and tear, it was caused when i played it on the 360. before, me and my bro played it on our original Xboxs, but then i got the 360 and after a bit, a circular ring was 'etched' into the game. a problem that was well known a few months after the 360 launch. MS offered a free game(which was perfect dark) to anyone who called in about a game being scratched in that way. a game having a perect circle etched into is not normal wear and tear. and i wasnt asking for a new Halo 2 game. i was asking for them to fulfill on their promise to give a free game because my game was ruined in the way they described, which they refused.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/05/06


Pimp is struggling .. look what he said :

"incoming00: You or I dont know the true percentages of PS1 and PS2 consoles with it's disc reading issues. Just like nobody knows the true percentage of 360's with RROD issues. So these percentages mean nothing unless you have an actual fact sheet from Microsoft or Sony. "

Nobody knows the fact cause its made by sony !

Notice when it comes to Pimp, he always argue about console war how xbox360 is better and that,

Its like he bought the system and never plays the game,

i bet if he did play the game he wouldn't care who made the console, because the game is what matters,

And look what he said :

Debating with my children would be more challenging and more worthwhile

Well this tells me why he's always on gamers reports website and argues all day about console and not games...
Written by incoming00 on 2008/05/06

you can read all about the scratching discs here


and here

Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/05/07

Incoming00: Did Microsoft state whether it was 360 games only??? I was unaware of this offer. I mean according to your logic then if it scratched a DVD movie, or a music CD they should replace those too right??? Like I said how can you expect them to replace a several year old game??? It owuld be like me going back to Sony and asking them to replace my old PS1 and PS2 games because my new PS3 console scratched them. Not going to happen, and not realistic to even want it to happen. I'm sorry your Halo 2 game got scratched but if thats the best you can do is hold that against Microsoft then I would take that anyday over consoles not reading discs at all...

You gave me a link to a dutch website running it's own independant tests and somebody in Florida wanting to sue Microsoft. What does this prove to me??? Any optical media can be scratched by any optical drive. So tell me what the percentages are of 360's scratching discs. Should I go search far and wide on the net for PS3 owners complaining about sic scratching too???
Written by incoming00 on 2008/05/07

ok, read this then


and check the list of games... you might be in for a surprise.
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/05/07

Xbox Disc Replacement Program

If, for any reason, you have a damaged Microsoft® Xbox 360™ disc and like to replace it, please review the information below:


This program only applies to games where Microsoft is the publisher, and is subject to availability. To check and see if your game is available for replacement, please review which Microsoft products currently fall under this program here.

You will need to print and complete the program form.

For additional terms and conditions on this policy, please review the Terms and Conditions.

Please allow two weeks for delivery

Written by blacktiger on 2008/05/07

hahahha !

oh my gosh , now that is so funny !

okay thats just a lot of games, but too bad it doesn't stop me getting X360... because i really do need to save money !
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/05/07

So what gives then. If your game is listed, and you have a weblink with the downloadable form, then you should be able to get the disc replaced right???
Written by blacktiger on 2008/05/07

And why is that, all of them are published by MS games ?
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/05/07

Spend $20.00 and get your Microsoft authorized First Party game replaced. Where does it say that the 360 scratches discs??? All I see is a way for 360 owners to get certain 360 games replaced if they are damaged for a fee.

The reason they are offering a program for Microsoft only games is because they cant warranty another Publishers game. Thats up the the other Publishers. If you didnt notice they are charging $20.00 to replace the disc. They require you to send in the original disc and provide your 360 serial number. This is in no way an admission of any fault of the 360. They are just offering something to consumers who want to replace thier damaged disc. How is that a bad thing. They could have told us all to piss off and buy the damn game again for full price.

I swear the SDF will cry over anything to make it look worse than it is. So let me get this straight. Microsoft extends warranty to cover RROD, fixes the problem for free, gives a decent bad-disc replacement program on First Party games, and you guys are still complaining???

Can I take my CD that got scratched back to the store and get it replaced for free??? Take my DVD movie that got scratched back to the store and get it replaced for free??? Give me a break.


This is in response to the person above who keeps trying to include himself in a debate between myself and Incoming00. It's an A and B conversation...

Incoming00: Come on dude do better than that. I will gladly take RROD on the chin. Why??? Because if I get the RROD I still have 2 1/2 years left on my warranty. I havent had any disc scratching issues with my 360. In fact half of my games are used 360 games that other users never had a problem with scratching either.

You and I can debate this as long as you want, but you cant come in here with your Halo 2 disc being scratched by your 360 and Microsoft wouldnt replace it for free noise and try to offer that as a fact that the 360 has a disc scratching defect. If the drive was bad it would scratch every disc. almost 19 million people own 360's already. With a 7.5 game attach ratio. That would be 142.5 million games getting scratched and having to be replaced right??? *Sigh*
Written by jb33 on 2008/05/07

@Blacktiger.... If u don't own a 360 then your not a gamer plain and simple. I own all 3 systems and the PS3 RARELY gets turned on. I dusted her off today for the big HAZE DEMO (which looks like a Xbox 1 game) and was disapointed yet again. Don't u guys get sick of waiting for the "R3ntal Machine" to produce a game with solid online thats worth buying ? Yes...It's got some great games but none of them have fun online except "Resistance" IMO. I really feel for u Blacktiger... "Waiting B3yond" must suck.... You should "Jump In" It's instant...

@Blacktiger.... If u don't own a 360 then your not a gamer plain and simple. I own all 3 systems and the PS3 RARELY gets turned on. I dusted her off today for the big HAZE DEMO (which looks like a Xbox 1 game) and was disapointed yet again. Don't u guys get sick of waiting for the "R3ntal Machine" to produce a game with solid online thats worth buying ? Yes...It's got some great games but none of them have fun online except "Resistance" IMO. I really feel for u Blacktiger... "Waiting B3yond" must suck.... You should "Jump In" It's instant...
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/05/07

jb33: Exactly. My wife bought me a PS3 last year, I bought 1 game (Warhawk) and 1 Blu-Ray movie (300). I played some demos and rented a few games. Was bored with the PS3, and traded it in after Halo 3 launched for another 360 since I had left my original 360 behind with my former roommate who still hasnt given me the money for it. The funny thing is that I actually did have to dust the thing off before I traded it in. Oh and I had to run back home after taking it to GameCrazy and set it back to 480i from 1080P because they didnt have any 1080P HDTV's at GameCrazy. That sucked. 2 trips back and forth to the store, and I have never looked back since that day. If I had to choose one console to own this generation it would be the 360. The games and the online are the best of all 3 console makers this generation.

I will have my Blu-Ray player for $299.00 along with Final Fantasy and Tekken 6. Till then it makes no sense to own a PS3 unless you want to wait for MGS4, or play a GT demo for $40.00. Everything else can be played on the 360 with superior online and superior controls.

It's funny how the sidebuster who will no longer be referred to by name directly calls everybody else a fanboy, yet he is just as bad if not worse. Hipocracy at it's best. If your gonna be a fanboy be real sidebuster.

Edit: JB33 you are not the sidebuster I am referring to.
Written by B1ueBurneR on 2008/05/07

Sony says this its like Blacktiger taking a sh!t between two slice bread to eat it and try to convince me it taste better than a peanut butter sandwich, I'm not saying its not possible I'm just saying its hard to believe any from that camp.

If Sony wins this gen-war its proves that a 100+millions PS2 user are hard to shake off, Most Ps3 owners that I know are buying it because of the brand name and controller familiarity, their choice has nothing to do with features and Online functionality.

If the Ps3 wins its like seeing bush re-elected, period it won't make any sense to me, with the lies, like no kids left behind clearly from reading Blacktiger comments somebody got left behind.

@Sky STFU or join Flamingwars.com
Written by dudeman on 2008/05/07

I own a 360 and a ps3. My 360 collects dust. The only reason to really own a 360 is maybe halo or gears of war. I own 2 games for my 360 and 6 for my ps3. The ps3 is just superior which is why we are seeing everyone move to ps3 and 360 sales begin to slump. Everyone knew this would happen...though xbot fanboys held out hope.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/05/07

JB33, thats not true, as long you play games, then you can consider yourself gamer, regardles,

Hardcore fanatic are the ones that buys everything single games that comes out, those are very very rare,

I'm sorry for sure I ain't going to try that part, since I dont hve time for video games alone !

But if you enjoy every part of the video games thn yes you are a gamer,

And JB33 just cause you own 3 system and you have time for it, it doesn't mean no one is a gamer cause they can't have enough hours like you do, sorry man.

But 80-90 percent of gamers don't own more than two console, in fact, that makes it average which is gamers, you apparently are a hardcore gamer.

Remember even if you are the smart kid out of ten ppl, your not normal, the fact 9 ppl aren't smart makes it average,

Sorry to burst your bubles i know what your trying to do, but its okay !

Dudeman, thats good one,

You saying the opposite what xbox faboysim saying,

they sayd ps3 collect dust, you say x360 collect dust.

One way or the other, no one is gonna win.

The only person thats gonna win is the one that enjoys video games.

So apparently Pimp doesn't enjoy video games, just Console otherwise he wouldn't argue !

Oh by the way My friend comes over to play PS3 while his Xbox 360 collect dust, actually its his third one !

He got tired of it !
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/05/07

SideBuster: Dont lie you have no friends. Hand puppets dont count. I cant take anyone serious who doesnt even own the console they defend. Let alone cant spell or use proper grammar.

Dudeman: If you 360 collects dust it's not from a lack of games. It's because you dont like Microsoft, or your just lying about owning a 360. I want proof that you own a 360. I want to see gamertags, pictures, and games. Then maybe I could give you a little bit more credibility.

I tend to side with JB33. My wife was mad when I traded in the PS3 for a 360. She liked Blu-Ray. But it never got used for games besides Warhawk, Renting Heavenly Sword, and a few PSN demo's. I got bored real quick. It earned the name Sony DustStation 3. My friend laughed when I had to dust it off before trading it in. True story.

Sony is trying way to hard to appeal to the hardcore gamer this generation with all the fps it has in development. How can anyone want to play fps on the 6-axis or DS3. Those dual analogs are spaced too close to each other and is very awkward. Where as the 360 controller is perfect for fps games. Not to mention the superior triggers for racing. The only thing that is whack about the 360 pad is the D-Pad. But I am going to get an arcade stick to remedy that situation.

SideBuster: I dont argue about games with you because the games you want to discuss arent even out yet. How can you argue about something you dont have??? I would rather argue about consoles because unlike you I have owned both of them, have compared the graphics, online services, and controllers.
Written by B1ueBurneR on 2008/05/07

FREEZE ON DA CHOP-PA, YOU GUYS ARE JOKES Sony have their hands up SDF like puppets.
Written by dudeman on 2008/05/07

you xbots are the ones doing damage control today. One little headline such as "MS defeated in Europe" and you guys are in a tailspin....
Written by Jagosix on 2008/05/07

Hello Fellow Gamers. WOW!!! You guys are really going at it! SO what if the PS3 Outsells the X360 in Europe. By what only a few thousand. Please...

I'm here to tell you guys something. PLAY THE GAMES THAT YOU LIKE ON THE CONSOLE OF YOUR CHOICE. It's sorta like the car thing. Some people Like FORD, GMC (Chevrolet), Toyota, Mercedes, BMW, etc.... But With consoles we're limited to only 3 choices [Wii, PS3, X360]. So in that respect, it's going to be a tough battle for all 3 companies. We shouldn't be battling like this with each other over MY Console is BIGGER Than yours (pun included).

I wish we could all battle each other online, no matter what platform the game is on. I would love to Kick some PS3 & Wii Butt over a game of COD4, Gears, RFOM, HALO3, Tekken, SC4, Etc...Now whenever that happens, then You can really talk S#!T.
Written by ManOfDaHour on 2008/05/07

@ PimpDaddy

You actually didn't have to run back home to set it to 480i. You could have just touched the power button and held it until the system reseted itself back to factory settings. Just FYI in case you decide to get rid of you 2nd PS3 whenever you decide to get another one.

I won't get involved in this war of words about the 360 and PS3. I have both and enjoy both for different reasons. Some of the post in here were valid from both MS fanboys and SONY fanboys. There were a few exaggereted points as well.
Written by MAKAVELI_ on 2008/05/07



Apart from Fable 2 and Gow2 there is no more games Im looking forward to buy for the XBOX360.

Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/05/07

ManOfDaHour: I wish I had known that. The dude behind the counter at GameCrazy swore up and down his little 720P LCD HDTV was a 1080P HDTV. It sucked. Seriously took 2 hours to get the whole exchange done. I almost said screw it and stuck with my PS3.

In case you didnt notice I "exaggerate" a lot just to piss off the SDF. A smart man doesnt take anything I say too seriously :p
Written by blacktiger on 2008/05/07

Pimp has nothing to say and trying to turnaround the conversation which im happy because seriously him argugin which console is better is just ridiculous...

This is like Mac vs PC, it can go on and on !

Pimp said you don't own a console, thats like saying no one own a console except for Pimpy !!!


Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/05/07

SideBuster: WTF did you just say. Reading your comments is like setting evolution back several million years. Stop talking Caveman and learn some proper english before you post again. I asked Dudeman for proof that he owns a 360. I think he is lying... You dont even own a PS3 so dont lie either.
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