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AC/DC Rock Band Stand Alone 'Track Pack' At WalMart Only >
2008/09/30 17:38:10: Posted by DM
Today EA and MTV Games announced a bit of a change in their Rock Band add-on availability. There will now be an AC/DC stand alone "track pack" for sale, but it will only be available at WalMart. Internationally, it will be sold all over, it seems. It looks like domestically, though, WalMart won EA over. Oh and Sam's Club too, WalMart's subsidiary. Hopefully the online site will not crash when it becomes available. Available November 2, $39.88 will be the retail price for PS3 and Xbox360, and PS2 will cost $29.88. A Wii edition will be available on November 16 for $39.88 as well. Sounds like EA is testing waters here, we will see how many sell.

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Written by incoming00 on 2008/09/30

testing waters: yes... testing waters the right way: no........

this should definately be a download. 18 songs for 40 bucks? wow.....

oh, and songs can be transferred to Rb and RB2, but with a license of course :p
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