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Battlefield: Bad Company

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Written by DM on Monday, June 30 2008

The single player will indeed raise concerns that Dice has an expertise base in multiplayer FPS games, and that’s it. The health and respawn system do take a bit of getting used to. You actually receive a syringe of sorts that replenishes Marlowe’s health. Of course, it is nice to have to actually, actively, heal your character once again in a game, parting from the rest-to-recover path that Halo opened up oh so long ago. As you progress from one location to another, which is basically the game for the first hour or two, you will begin to think that the game does nothing at all to provide a different experience. Even the storyline plot twists end up being more or less inconsequential at first, but it does provide the option for your band of merry men to begin to pilfer gold from the structures you find when you end up going bad! Of course, the benefits of this gold are never really made clear, but hey – its gold.

This is the part that you should listen to, folks. Heed my next sentence. After an hour or two, when the “introduction/tutorial/meet-and-greet” part of the game finally ends (this usually means the first few levels of any game), the game literally “rises from its grave.” When things do pickup, the light music on some of the vehicles, the much more well-written humorous quips, and the flow of the game from then on help to add to the sheer fun level the game has in store for you.

A lot of the enjoyment that BF:BC has to offer comes from a great engine that Dice has coded. The engine that they have developed pushes the game along no matter what happens on screen. Dice calls it “Frostbite” technology, and this is the first game that uses it. While the actual visuals are not the best you will see on your home console, Dice sacrificed stunning graphics for a reason – they traded it for destructible environments that actually destruct consistently and reliably every time. Thankfully, the developers did not rely on this feature so much that it becomes a gimmick -- it fits in perfectly with the game and play dynamic. It is a support feature to make battles and firefights that much more real and visceral, oh and, FUN.

There are vehicles in BF:BC, for what would a BF game without vehicles? Once again, they are just another well-integrated game play feature that neither overwhelms nor underperforms. You are going to need vehicles too, considering some of the maps are very large. You can even chose what routes are best to traverse, as there are multiple ways you can proceed, based on where the most (or least) action is located.

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