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2007/04/06 21:53:37: Posted by DM
The video of the Spring Xbox360 Dashboard update was up for a brief time over at Gamespot before it got pulled. Well, of course, someone YouTubed it. You can see a plethora of new features added, so many we cannot even list them all. One of the most inpressive new features will be the ability to set downloads in a low power mode which shuts down the console when the transfer is complete. That, combined with the ability to add MSN Messenger friends to your Xbox Live list, makes for one serious update! Watch the video and comment the changes for us!

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Written by QuestimElite on 2007/04/06

I need 1440x900 support, thats all I care about

(where are tha comments)...
Written by daveydz3 on 2007/04/06

very cool. the msn thing is meh, its cool but i don't care too much, i don't want to chat that much when playing games
Written by mike_mgoblue on 2007/04/07

Those are some amazing features. I like the Windows Live compatability and the fact that it will now automatically tell the specific Achievements that were unlocked, each time you earn an Achievement.
Written by Nemesis IX on 2007/04/07

i like the specific achievement thing and the low power downloads with the fans been turned off, there has been plenty of times i've only turned on my 360 too download stuff so not to here the noise of the fan is great cos its so loud, its louder than my pc. the msn thing is cool if your into chating while gaming but i think it would just distract me. great update though, the best yet.
Written by Unbiased Technology Professor on 2007/04/07

Hey everyone:

I found out there is a cool code for Guitar Hero 2 for the Xbox 360 that makes it so you can Unlock all of the songs without having to earn them. The code is a little bit different for the US and Europe, but here are the codes:


Written by Nemesis IX on 2007/04/07

cheating, i like to earn things.
Written by zwandaba on 2007/04/07

nice update.
Written by Unbiased Technology Professor on 2007/04/07

I like to earn things, too, but it is cool that the developers thought ahead that a lot of the people who play the game might not be able to earn all of the songs. After all, on Easy difficulty level, only 35 of the 70 songs can be unlocked, and there are people who might not have been able to unlock the other 35 songs on Medium difficult level, because it adds that extra button to the Guitar.

So, I think it was cool that the developers added that Code to the game so people who like to play the game on Easy or QuickPlay still have access to all the songs.
Written by Matt on 2007/04/07

That's much better than EA forcing people to pay to unlock extra courses and characters in their games which were freely unlockable by codes in the last generation versions.
Written by B1ueadmiral on 2007/04/07

what is MS trying to do? Make me Lazier than I am already. DAMN-U MS!! FOR improving XBL Dashboard making it easier to do stuff that use to frustrate me, how can MS do this we should report them to FCC.
Written by daveydz3 on 2007/04/07

hey UTP, thanks, but keep to the topic at hand please.
Written by mr new york on 2007/04/07

What I don't like about is how the PC is becoming an Xbox, somewhat defeating the purpose of buying an Xbox 360...

Xbox 360 had XBL....now PC has Live...

Xbox 360 had streamlined and easy-to-use (IMO) dashboard functionality..now PC has it

Xbox 360 had Gears of War......now PC is getting it.

Xbox 360 had a wired console controller....now PC has it

Xbox 360 had a wireless controller....now PC has it (needs the wireless receiver)

Xbox 360 had XBLA...now PC has Live Arcade

Originally I thought Microsoft's whole "convergence" strategy was an excellent idea, pushing simplicity and unification to easen the confusion of individuals who aren't too tech savvy. But now, Microsoft is making my 400 dollar console seem less and less special by putting all of its premier titles (one by one) on the PC.

This is getting ridiculous. If BK3 makes its way onto the PC, I'm selling my 360...
Written by daveydz3 on 2007/04/07

i get what you're saying, but for those who can't shell out the cash it takes to run a high-end pc that can play the same games, xbox360 is still the way to go.
Written by mr new york on 2007/04/07

That's very true ^^
Written by B1ueadmiral on 2007/04/07

whats BK3? Mr. New York your basically saying everything that was successful on the 360 got expanded to the PC. That sucks who ever came up with that idea.
Written by CianMCL on 2007/04/08

is it just me or has UTP been hacked?
Written by Eamo on 2007/04/08

@ Cian:

Its just you

Anyway I agree with mr new york, the PC is definately becoming an Xbox, but windows vista still has various stablility issues, roll on updated graphics drivers (nVidia), and service pack 1!
Written by Tecno_Geek on 2007/04/09

all ms Operating systems dont work properly.

Written by Eamo on 2007/04/09

I guess you and them both share something in common
Written by arthur56k on 2007/04/10

but they are sure easy to use tecno, and at the end of the day, that is why many consumers opt for the OS.

atr new york, there are many pc titles that are going to make it to the 360, there is unreal 3, sacred 2, call of juarez, and a whole load of others, so i fail to see what you are complaining about, plus didn't MS actually make it easier to crossplatform btwn PC and 360? dude, it was in their game plan from the very beginning
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