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Resident Evil 5: Xbox360 Exclusive? >
2007/07/10 23:44:17: Posted by HoTHiTTeR
Peter Moore in conjunction with Capcom have just announced that Resident Evil 5 will be coming to Xbox 360 in 2008! Download the full trailer July 26 on the Xbox Live Marketplace! Wow! Now, Moore claims the franchise is coming to the Xbox360 in 2008, for the first time. His laguage was a bit ambiguous though so, once we get full exclsuive confirmation we will take it out of the rumor mill.

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Resident Evil 5

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Written by jockss2 on 2007/07/11

umm no its multiplat...
Written by PimpDaddy on 2007/07/11

Nobody said it was 360 exclusive Sony Defense Force President Jockss2... WTF???
Written by jockss2 on 2007/07/11

it says it could be on the title of this story
Written by Unbiased Technology Professor on 2007/07/11

With the exception of Resident Evil 5, Microsoft didn't mention anything related to 2008.

Microsoft made that decision because, as they say, and as Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb agree with, the Xbox 360 has BY FAR the best videogame release list for the Holiday shopping season of 2007.

Microsoft chose not to look at games that will be released in 2008, because it would have taken away from the attention of the HUGE number of games that will be released in 2007.

Games that will be released in 2008, such as Fable 2, Alan Wake, Too Human, Indinite Undiscovery, Ninja Gaiden 2, are games that are very exciting to talk about on Internet websites, but when you have only two hours of time to talk, it makes a lot more sense to show games that will be released in 2007.

If the Xbox 360 would have had a smaller number of awesome games being released in 2007, maybe they would have shown some of the 2008 games. But, Xbox 360 really does have a software lineup that is the best in the history of gaming for 2007. This years Xbox 360 games will break the records of the 2004 Holiday shopping season.

Microsoft told it like it is: Holiday 2004 was the most successful season of all time. It had three games that were the sales leaders: Halo, Grand Theft Auto, and Madden.

This year of Holiday 2007, Xbox 360 is the ONLY place you can play Halo 3, the ONLY place you can play the COMPLETE Grand Theft Auto 4, and the ONLY place you can play Madden Football at 60 frames per second.

And when you add other exclusives like Mass Effect, Bioshock, Rock Band, Ace Combat 6, Virtua Fighter 5 with Online, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Katamari, and so many other awesome games, like Assassins Creed, Call of Duty 4, and the dozens of other games they mentioned, I have to say in all honesty that this really is BY FAR the best release list I have EVER seen for a holiday shopping season. I agree with Adam Sessler that it may be a good idea to use up all your "sick-days" from work, just so you can play all those awesome new Xbox 360 games!

That is why Holiday 2007 for the Xbox 360 will be the most successful holiday shopping season in the history of gaming. Microsoft really does have the best lineup of games EVER during the Holiday shopping season release!
Written by PimpDaddy on 2007/07/11

jockss2 : Well I apologize. Didn't read the title... Last time I checked before tonight it was a PS3 exclusive... But I am happy if both consoles get it. Resident Evil is SICK!!!!!
Written by xCHRISx on 2007/07/11

He didn't mention anything about it being an exclusive at all, I fail to see where he was ambiguous..?
Written by Smarty Pantz on 2007/07/11

lol.. utp sounds like a chimp.. rehashing, word for word, peter moore's spin.
Written by madgunde on 2007/07/11

UTP is BY FAR the biggest Microsoft klingon nibbler, BY FAR!
Written by jockss2 on 2007/07/11

yea no problem pimpdaddy...im all for it going multiplat cuz i try not to hate but saying its gonna be a 360 exclusive is annoying...it wont be
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