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XCM 1080P VGA Box Plus PSP2VGA

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Written by DM on Tuesday, January 22 2008

As with any XCM product, the XCM 1080p VGA Box Plus PSP2VGA is the complete package. There are included cables for the PSP, Xbox360, Wii, and PS3, and they are all component HD ready. The unit also comes with a USB cable for power, and, of course, the instructions. Without beginning the actual technical tests yet I can tell you that it looks as if the good old XCM quality is still in place. Thye PSP2VGA version of this unit comes with a PSP TV out component cable as well. There is a bit of a call for a simple VGA cable to be included in the package, and it is a bit of a puzzling omission, but they are cheap to buy anywhere.

Now, let’s talk a bit about VGA boxes before we go on. There are upscalers that will run you as much as $500 USD, and if you think you are going to get the same quality out of a $60 USD box, you can just head on back to Never Never Land right now. This box is more of a format converter than an upscaler. It is made to take HD signals from the consoles, and spit them out in VGA format for use by those who do not possess an acceptable HDTV, but own a PC.

The unit itself is constructed of the usual XCM ASB plastic, and it is as solid as you could ask for. The box is built in pass-through style, which means that it connected between the monitor and VGA card of your PC, so that you can switch inputs to your monitor on the fly. The box itself also has inputs for sound, in headphone/mini jack size, so that sound can be switched as well. The VGA hooked side of the unit has the monitor out VGA jack and the PC in VGA jack. The funny thing is, the VGA jack on the unit for the lead coming from the PC is the wrong gender for use with a normal VGA cable. It is a female plug. This seems odd because normally VGA runs male on both ends, and you use a female to female to plug PC into monitor. I had to use a gender changer, and also remove the screw-grommets on one side of the cable. This is only a minor gripe, though.

The front of the unit contains the actual switch for the input, and then there is the power plug. This unit is powered by USB, not by an AC adapter, as is usually the case. I can only assume that this is because the unit is designed to work with a PC monitor, and taking up another spot on the old power strip seemed unnecessary. Certainly this is a useful feature for most users of this product. For me though, it was a bit awkward, as I only intended to use the product in a non-pass through fashion (in other words, no PC involved).

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