Cash Out
Today we're checking out Cash Out from Big Toe Software, it's fun for everybody and you can even play it at work...shhhh, don't let the boss know!

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Written by Josh Lowensohn on Sunday, October 01 2006

Set us up the bomb

The Challenge mode is significantly tougher than Classic, often forcing you to rush through the game after the first few levels. After each move, a countdown timer at the bottom of the screen will begin to fill up, alerting you to the fact that a combo is necessary. Getting stuck costs you a token, and the timer starts right up again. Along the way you must deal with locks, which hinder your movement of the affected row. Netting a combo with the locked piece gets rid of the lock, but once there’s more than one lock on screen, clearing them can be tough.

Cash Out has several nice features built-in that make it ideal for the casual PC gamer. My personal favorite is the auto-pause which puts the game on pause any time it’s not the active window. It also mutes any in-game sound and cuts it to a nearly non-existent system process. Also nice is the continue feature, which lets you start from any of the three modes from right where you stopped. The tutorial before the first time you play is spot on as well, letting you watch the computer nab combo after combo. Seeing it done once is about all it takes to get the hang of it, and in the earlier beta we played, even sans tutorial we knew how to play right away.

The graphics are big, colorful and look great even at the maximum resolution of 1152x864. Nabbing combos makes the fruit fall and fade away. Likewise, the explosions from busting bombs are given a cartoonish flair which seems to fit the game perfectly. Again, there’s nothing too flashy or graphically groundbreaking about this game, but it looks quite polished. At less than 10 megabytes, and under twenty bucks, Cash Out provides a refined puzzle game that’s fun for everybody.

Cash Out will be available October 2nd for $19.99 from www.BigToeSoftware.com

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