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Wolfking Warrior Gaming Keyboard
We get our mits on the WolfKing Warrior gaming keyboard.

Labeled With  Wolfking Gaming Peripherals
Written by vividbreeze on Wednesday, September 20 2006

WOLFKING is a gaming technology company positioned at the very edge of gaming accessories. Wolfking’s goal when creating this keyboard was to offer a more serious alternative to those users who find the traditional keyboard bulky when gaming. The keyboard was developed with the thinking caps of FPS gaming enthusiasts. It is engineered to give you the ultimate gaming experience making faster and more accurate moves to help you get ahead in your game. The keyboard is about the size of your palm and your movements will be more professional and precise in contrast with the traditional keyboard. For the more experienced pc gamers, this keyboard will help play more professionally and beginners will be able to adapt faster and easier.

The Wolfking Warrior features a custom key configuration that is based on the main keys used in a first person shooter game. The movement keys are located at the center of the round keyboard. Above those keys are the number keys and the F keys in a semi-circle. Placed to the left of the Tab key is the K key which activates the voice. There are also 3 silver keys on the outside to the left of the keyboard. The top key is the escape key. Interestingly, the space bar is positioned vertically instead of horizontally making it comfortable for the bottom of your palm. This semi-circular design is created for comfort, reducing the chances for you to stretch out your fingers towards hard to reach areas. The pad itself is gradually inclined to provide and even more comfortable posture for your hand. The keyboard is anchored by rubber so it won’t more around making you lose your position. The plastic casing is just as durable as a regular keyboard and the keystrokes function the same way as a regular keyboard. The keyboard holds a total of 55 keys. All in all, the keyboard was created so there would be no room for errors, and if you’ve tried it for yourself, this statement is very true. Best of all just plug in and play, easy as 123. No need for program to be installed, your computer should automatically recognize it.

Round is the new black

The Wolfking Warrior is designed primarily for first person shooters, however, it can be used for MMOG’s and RPG’s. The results on these were very good. I’m sure that will make many of you happy. I can personally say playing F.E.A.R was amazing, no words can describe the feeling. My hands felt comfortable and I could play for hours. This creation is the perfect gift for those who just love to be attached to that pc game. This product is great for people who hate playing FPS with a controller, and since the Xbox360 controller is out for windows, Wolfking Warrior has some competitors. But for all you old school fans, this is a must buy product even if you don't play FPS. This is a great gift idea for all those pc game fanatics. What’s even better, it won’t make a hole in your wallet. Wolfkingusa.com provides a vast amount of online sites where you can purchase this warrior keyboard. You may even find a low price of $25, isn’t that a great bargain?

Overall, unless you are pc gamer enthusiast you don’t really need this keyboard because you might just put it away. You can use it as a keyboard, but that would just be silly since all the letters of the alphabet are not there. But believe me, if you are a devoted gamer or want to be one you will love this. Go on try it out, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. This is the best weapon you can have for FPS games. After years of using the traditional keyboard it will take time to get used to this beautiful creation, but it’s worth it. Let the games begin!

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