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2009/03/19 14:37:00: By DM
GameStop has says it finally is able to consistently meet demand for Wii home console systems. It has been just short of 3 years since Nintendo released the Wii, and there is finally enough inventory to fill the shelves. This should allow businesses to judge how much product will move this Holiday season, rather than just hoping to get as many Wii consoles as possible. Hopefully it also ends the horrible practice of distributors upping the Wii console price because the demand is so high.
2009/03/17 11:41:11: By DM
Harmonix has announced the addition of 11 tracks to the Rock Band store on the Nintendo Wii. The trakcs include songs from The Who, Average White Band, Earth, Wind, & Fire, and James Brown, baby. There is also some newer bands on the track list including Papa Roach, The New Pornographers, and Against Me! The cost is 200 Wii Points per song, click read more for the full info.


Cambridge, Mass. – March 17, 2009 - Harmonix and MTV Games announced today the addition of 11 tracks to the Rock Band® Music Store catalogue of downloadable content for Wii™ home videogame console from Nintendo, including three live recordings from iconic classic rock band The Who. The lineup also features music from funk artists Average White Band, Earth, Wind & Fire and the legendary Godfather of Soul James Brown, in addition to songs from rock bands Against Me!, The New Pornographers and Papa Roach.
2009/03/17 9:41:59: By DM
Nintendo announced to day that a U.S. District court has dismissed the patent infringement lawsuit brought against them by Fenner Investments. Fenner had alleged that the Wii console and its motion control system infringed on one of Fenner's patents. The judge in Tyler, Texas dismissed the case and went on to rule that there was no need to bring this case to a jury. Congrats, Nintendo!

2009/03/16 14:09:57: By DM
Even though the Wii has the least amount of non-family friendly games released for the platform, when things go south on Wii, they really go South hard. MadWorld comes to mind, with the ridiculously bloody red effects splashed against a black and white background. Manhunt 2, which caused controversy when gamers were allowed to play as a serial killer and partake in bloody awful kills, leaps to mind as well. And now, to add to the list, we have House of the Dead: Overkill. HotD:O is now, officially, the most profane game of all time, with 189 uses of the F-word alone. This count does not even incude the copious amounts of sexual humor thrown in. A dubious honor, to be sure, but like we said, when the Wii goes down, it goes down in flames.
2009/03/16 10:42:08: By DM
Nintendo has revealed its Spring/Summer release date list, and Punchout!! has a date for the Wii. Good old Little Mac will be back in action in May. Sorry, no specific day was given, but we think it will be around the 20th. Don't quote us, though. You can click read more for the full list.

New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis (Nintendo) - 6 March
Grey's Anatomy (Ubisoft) - 12 March
My Sims Party (EA) - 13 March
Sonic and the Black Knight (Sega) - 13 March
Trivial Pursuit (EA) - 13 March
Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars (South Peak Interactive) - 20 March
2009/03/16 9:18:16: By DM
This week has another two releases on the Wii shop channel. For the Virtual Console, the classic Summer Games II from the Commodore 64 is available. This time around, up to 8 players can compete. For the WiiWare channel, a new Rhythm game called BIT.TRIP BEAT is available. The game uses an 8-bit soundtrack to keep up to 4 players entertained. Click read more for the full info.


Old-school action is the main attraction at the Wii™ Shop Channel this week. With a wealth of underground buzz already surrounding it, a brand new WiiWare™ title uses vintage-looking graphics and 8-bit sounds to create a rhythm-based game that's loaded with retro cool. Find out if you have enough skill to create order from chaos in a game that is as mesmerizing as it is challenging. Meanwhile, the latest addition to the Virtual Console™ lineup brings a Commodore 64 classic to the Wii console, proving that fans of international sports events needn't wait until 2012 to get their track-and-field fix. Even if you're too young to remember the original days of 8-bit gaming, these awesome titles provide timeless kicks.
2009/03/13 17:16:33: By DM
Outspoken ex-box man (get it?) and EA Sports boss Peter Moore is pretty sweet on the new Wii MotionPlus. He claims that is is going to bring out the best in the new EA Sports games made especially for the new peripheral. In fact, he referred to Grand Slam Tennis with the Wii MotionPlus as "spectacular." Certainly that is some strong wording, let's hope he is not exaggerating.
2009/03/13 14:38:33: By DM
Here is the first trailer released for the new Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Wii shooter. The game is the quasi-sequel to The Umbrella Chronicles, one of the most loved Resident Evil games in recent years. This new one looks just as good, if not better.

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