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2009/03/27 16:26:39: Posted by DM
The official SFIV blog was updated and it answers a bunch of questions that fans have post launch. Unfortunately, it was all in Japanese. Thanks to VersusCity though, the translation is now available. The update that is forthcoming will change the base game and characters, but what the specific changes are in unknown. Unfortunately, neither DeeJay nor T-Hawk will be included in this update. Also, no Shin Akuma or Evil Ryu in this update either, and Capcom cannot comment if they will be included in future updates. As for multiplayer, there will now be a disconnect ratio shown for each player. Since there is always going to be times when the lag is so bad that matches simply disconnect, this stat will be perishable. In other words, over time, the disconnect ratio will decrease.

The PC edition of the game will have a release date very soon, says Capcom, and since PC gamers had to wait so long, they will be getting a nice surprise. No idea what that is, though. Finally, as for the arcade edition getting updated with the home characters, there is no comment at this time. Capcom would like to add them eventually, though. Oh, and, Mac users, no plans for SFIV Mac edition, sorry.(Thanks, Pur)

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Street Fighter IV

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Written by Xenos on 2009/03/27

Incoming, we need to have some matches soon man. They were really close and those are the best types of fights.
Written by incoming00 on 2009/03/27

indeed they were...

i think we left with a 18/17 win ratio in your favor... i'm still trying to unlock some of the characters, but i'm sure i can squeeze in a few more matches :p
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