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Apple Unveils The iPhone - Cost As Much As A PS3! >
2007/01/09 12:53:16: Posted by DM
Apple has just unveiled their iPhone, and boy is it expensive. The phone comes in two models, the 4GB and the 8GB version. The phone will hit the US as a Cingular exclusive for $499 on a two-year contract, 8GB for $599. Apparently the phone will hit the US in June, overseas much later, and Asia in 2008. Wow, just wow, talk about a huge gamble, it cost as much as a PS3!

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Written by neoimpulse on 2007/01/09

looks well worth it too

people paid this much when the RAZR was released

Written by Fishcake21 on 2007/01/09

Shitty provider and protocols, hoo boy my ass wanna laugh but at the same time iphone looks so fucking attractive like a 2000 hooker

Damn Apple

I wonder if i can still load xvid porno without re encoding it like ipod

plus 100 dollars more without shitty cellular contract? WTF?

add in the $150-200 most people will have to pay to cancel their contract if they don't have cingular

God damn you

but hey i might buy it, it looks so pretty and i might get laid with nerd girls this time instead of ishuffle *_*


Thats Apple for you!
Written by Sky on 2007/01/09

OMG.. the phone is off the chain.... it looks like a purchase easy
Written by Storm on 2007/01/09

no tactile response when dialing would be a big pain in the ass.
Written by Gaara's Bane on 2007/01/09

looks actually better than the ps3...
Written by Nemesis IX on 2007/01/09

looks great but a bit over the top.
Written by MAKAVELI on 2007/01/09

The first time i saw this news i tough the mobile had a "cell" processor in it.
Written by maddcoder on 2007/01/09

500 dollar for a phone? no thanks. especially with only 8 gigs of memory? they'll launch another model next year with 30 gigs, just wait.
Written by asexynerd on 2007/01/09

NOT worth it at all.
Written by asexynerd on 2007/01/09

Hate to say this but I rather get a PS3 over thing anyday.

Written by Smarty Pantz on 2007/01/09

Dont forget the $80 monthly contract if you want to use all its non-phone features.
Written by asexynerd on 2007/01/09

Are you serious!!?!
Written by blacktiger on 2007/06/19

okay first of all

ps3 is a monster, for that system its cheap,

now with iphone, we gota wait till it comes out and hear the complain !

but i think its worth it but its not cheap like iphone !
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