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2008/02/07 16:53:46: Posted by DM
It seems the digital download revolution is here to stay, folks. And why not? We are gamers who, if nothing else, are inherently lazy! Oh, don't flame us for saying it, you know it's true. Why go out when you can simply download at home? Steam has hit the 15 million user mark, with more to come. Retail boxed games are on the way out!


February 7, 2008 - Valve® today announced that Steam®, a leading platform for PC games and digital entertainment, has surpassed 15 million accounts and realized year-over-year sales growth of 158% through the holiday season. The year also marked the debut of the Steam Community and launch of several best-selling and critically-acclaimed titles such as Call of Duty 4, Bioshock, and The Orange Box.

Throughout 2008 more Community features will be introduced to support existing games as well as new titles such as Valve's Left 4 Dead.
Also new for Steam in 2008 is Steamworks, giving game developers access to game features and services available on Steam ranging from product key authentication and copy protection to auto-updating, social networking and matchmaking. Most importantly, the game features and services available in Steamworks are free of charge and can be used for both electronic and tangible versions of games.
"PC gaming is thriving, and has evolved into an era of constant connectivity," said Gabe Newell, president of Valve. "That connectivity gives us the ability to have a much better relationship with customers, not just for delivering our games, but across all aspects of our business - including the design, development, and support of our games. Features like Guest Passes, Free Weekends, Gifting, and the Steam Community have been very well received both by customers and the developers who are using Steam. We are accelerating our release of new functionality in the next year as well as finding new ways to work with our partners such as the release of Steamworks, which allows them to bring the many benefits of Steam to their packaged products."
Visit Valve during GDC at Expo Suite 362. For more information, please visit www.steamgames.com

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Written by blacktiger on 2008/02/08

ummmm k.
Written by sicbud on 2008/02/08

I still prefer to actually buy the game so I can get the original CD and box. Steam is a great idea though, and its great to see it succeeding.
Written by whYte420 on 2008/02/08

Steam kicks ass
Written by Donger on 2008/02/08

Steam has come a long way over the past years.
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