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R6 Vegas 2 Sells 2 Million >
2008/03/31 15:02:57: Posted by DM
according to Vg247, Ubisoft has raised their expected profit level for the current financial year. This is due in no small part to the fact that R6V2 has apparently already sold over 2 million copies.

“As expected, 2008 is off to be a record year for the videogame market and our games have performed remarkably well in this context,” said Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot.

Apparently so, Ubisoft, hats off to you.

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Rainbow Six Vegas 2

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Written by dudeman on 2008/03/31

I will be renting this for sure.
Written by The Ow In Wow8 on 2008/03/31

Renting would be the best choice. Its a good game...but nothing worth spening $60 for.

spending not spening

Written by whYte420 on 2008/03/31

If this game isn't worth spending 60 dollars on than what is? 90% of games released are garbage but this game is great.
Written by The Ow In Wow8 on 2008/03/31

i will admit this game is good. im still a huge fan of the first vegas...but this one just doesn't do it for me. ubisoft promised so much would change for this game, but nothing really new. i wrote a post a little while ago about this game saying that vegas 2 is nothing more than an expantion to the first one. the only thing that made a step up to this game was the running feature and the new guns...i will say that the smaller maps do make it more intense when playing but it needs more, i love the new guns the slightly better graphics and the AI is slightly smarter when playing on realistic. The online is the worst part about vegas one

...i read in an artical before vegas 2 came out and it said that finding a game would be faster then vegas one(basicaly the same as COD4) but it still takes just as long or even more time to find a game then vegas one. I do have a huge problem with the ranking system as well, i think games can take a lesson to COD4 with ranking up. Vegas 2 have CQB, Marksman and Assult challengs but they only take you so far, as in COD4 it can take you to the rank of 55 in no time, Vegas 2 is a good game...but nothing special. its not a game of the year game but all in all its a good game.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/03/31

by the way, some parts 360 is better than PS3 in graphics, i saw the comparison... watch it yourself, oh wait that was part 1 maybe part two is...
Written by captkey3s on 2008/04/01

OK! i just beat this game and was sadly disappointed, It's a good rental if you played Vegas but if you didn't just play COD4. If the graphics look better on 360(which i played it on)then it must be PS1 level on PS3 cause the game looks butt, ass, rear-end.,etc. Plus i suffered slow-down at the worst times, thank good the next game won't be in Vegas.
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