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PS3 2.42 Firmware Up Now, Maybe >
2008/07/29 21:52:36: Posted by DM
There may or may not be a new PS3 firmware up for download right now. Some users in the UK and some in the US have reported that there was a firmware update when they logged in tonight to 2.42. We cannot find it, but we know some who have installed it. We are trying to locate the change log now.

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Written by jb33 on 2008/07/29

I'm downloading it now, so it's defiantly up.
Written by incoming00 on 2008/07/29

according to ps3fanboy

"This update improves the playback quality of some PLAYSTATION 3 and PlayStation format software."
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/07/30

LMAO. F*ck the PS3 needs to get patched more than Windows.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/07/30

more than windows ????


now thats funny...

I'm guessing you dont have Windows Vista....


PimpD really love to suck Microsoft's nuts....


I feel sorry for your imaginary famiy :p
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/07/30

DM: Once again this BlackTiger dude is personally attacking my family. I said nothing to him. I stayed on topic with the article. I tried to make a joke and I come under attack.

Again I have to ask you. Why is he still a member of this site? I know many members arent bothering to participate on this site anymore. Can you please address this situation? I am trying really hard to not engae in this BS just liek you asked me. Now I am asking you to moderate this site.
Written by jb33 on 2008/07/30

The worst thing about these updates is they take FOREVER. It took me almost twenty minutes to download and install this update...lol. It's pretty ridiculous because Sony never adds anything worth noting.

incoming00 said...."This update improves the playback quality of some PLAYSTATION 3 and PlayStation format software." If this is true then thats sad... It takes twenty minutes to download a patch to make SOME games run better ?

The only update that was worth waiting for was 2.40. Sony really needs to fix their broken update routines. It takes AT THE MOST 1 or 2 minutes for a full spring dash update on the 360. WTF is the problem Sony ?

These updates have an up side though....They give me a reason to turn this thing on...lol.

Still Waiting B3yond...
Written by BenBen78 on 2008/07/30

Get a new broadband connection then because my updates are super quick. But then again, if you're bitching about 20 minutes, you'll bitch about anything. Goose.
Written by jb33 on 2008/07/30

^^^LOL^^^ I have DSL and it's pretty slow, but thats no excuse. I seem to be able to download 360 updates and have my system rebooting in under a minute, so i don't think i need a new broadband connection.

I think you need to remove Sony's cock from your mouth and admit their updates are garbage. Oh...and i will bitch about a ridiculous 20 minute wait for countless updates that add virtually NOTHING. You would think if this was a compatibility update then it would be super quick, but it's not.

Everyone Look >>> The cheaper/older/Better 360 has the PS3 bent over on another feature...lol. Nothing new here though...

How's them trophy's(#COUGH#)achievements coming Ben ? I know,I know...Still waiting for them damn updates.

Waiting B3yond must suck...Just "Jump IN" already...No patches needed. You can start working on your Gamer score instantly because the 360 actually has games worth playing with an excellent online community.

What are we gonna do with you Ben ?
Written by LordFlux on 2008/07/30

I've got a 17mbit down/3mbit up connection and it took about 10 minutes to download the update. I monitored the bandwith and the download averaged 2.5mbit. Right now I'm downloading some demos from the PSN store and the download is averaging 1.2mbit. Sony's servers are just god awful slow.
Written by jb33 on 2008/07/30

Thank you LordFlux...I guess i'm not the only person that waits B3yond for updates on the PS3. You certainly shouldn't be waiting 10 min with that download speed. The weird thing i noticed is...I seem to download game demos and movies just as fast as XBL,if not faster.

The firmware updates and game updates are a different story though. I remember when Motorstorm had their first update, i went to get gas and then to McDonald's and it still wasn't done when i got home...lol. It seriously had to be pushing 40 minutes.
Written by Matt on 2008/07/30

The updates are horribly slow and after you've waited to download it has to install. Just like all PS3 software downloads. The install is much slower for me than the download.
Written by dudeman on 2008/07/30

fast download and install here. Thank you Sony
Written by jb33 on 2008/07/30

^^^^ Of course it's fast for you...lol. Planet blacktiger must get some kind of internet we can't get. You and blacktiger need to stop lying to yourself already. Don't get mad at me, your the ones who bought a George Foreman with a built in Bluray player. It sucks for games, but that [email protected] can make some mean ass hamburgers.

Grill B3yond...
Written by dudeman on 2008/07/30

it sucks for games? does not compute.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/07/30

Wait pimpD, okay I apologize but i was talking about your imaginary, ahh forget it...

Anyways Its funny how he says PS3 needs more update then Vista...

So far PS3 updates gets your more bonus while Vista has millions of problems infact,

Macintosh is getting higher and higer with Market Share...
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/07/30

^^^No your not sorry^^^ You cross the line repeatedly on this site. You add absolutle nothing positive to this site either. I make a joke about the PS3. Everybody and thier mom can tell I'm just clowning around. Yet you take it serious. So serious that the first thing you do is attack my family again. Say what you want about me. But leave them out of it.

DM: Are you going to do something about this or do I need to take matters into my own hands?
Written by blacktiger on 2008/07/30

Hey jb33

you the one who's swearing, so your the one who's mad,

we are just laughing the fact that your getting pissed off because PS3 is doing good ?

Why should you care, unless you have some stocks with Xbox 360 Division then thats different...

Pimp you should take matters into your own hands :p

Lord Flux I have a 5mb downlaod per second and I finished within less than 2 minute since its not a big update,

I'm assuming u live in a village...

lol Then how do you get Broadband, unless, they ripped you off for 56K modem :p

Written by B1ueBurneR on 2008/07/30

Chill out PimpD 1day he will shoot himself in the foot. there is not need for get involved with him and get yourself banned , I do know where you are coming from as far as the updates and windows goes.xp right?

VagTiger, he didn't mention which windows he was talking about, but I know he was referring to Windows XP, this morning I had a option to install another update the same thing crossed my mind.

By the way VagTiger I have a dual both system Vista and Xp, and used both of them equally the same everyday so I know which OS he was talking about you just assume you knew.
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/07/30

I was referring to Windows XP. But Vista gets updated quite regulary too. For the PS3tards who got thier panties all twisted what I said was a joke.

It was a comparison between PSN and Windows having to get updated on a regular basis. Once you download the update you have to install it.

The similarity is hilarious. Sony has to patch the PS3 just as much as Microsoft has to patch Windows. Nobody can deny this.

Can anybody find out the exact number of PSN updates there have been since it launched?
Written by LordFlux on 2008/07/30

According to Wikipedia, there have been 28 updates. It's under Playstation 3 system software.
Written by jersey732 on 2008/07/30

I had no problem downloading the update. I would say it took me less than 5 minutes. When you have a crap load of people trying to download at the same time, I don't care what system it is, it will be slow. I guess most people did the download before I did mine.
Written by The Limey on 2008/07/30

It just keeps fucking up, this annoys the shit out of me.
Written by evilblackranger on 2008/08/04

why does everyones updates take lke ten minutes to update?

the longest update i had was 3 minutes.

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