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2008/08/09 23:51:14: Posted by DM
The latest video from Street Fighter IV has been released. This direct feed vid is great quality, and you can really see the game's mechanics in action. Remember, the game is being debuts right now at the EVO2k8 fighting tournament in Las Vegas. The word from the guys who play SF for a living is that the game plays more like SF3: 3s minus parrying. Good or bad news that is, depends on you. One more day of tournament play is slated, so tune in tomorrow for one more day of news and vids from the latest Capcom fighters.

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Street Fighter IV

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Written by Pain Killer on 2008/08/10

It dont look as magical as the the 2nd and 3rd Street figher.

The Caracther look very bulky and not ellegant at all.
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