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GTA IV 360 Download Content On Track For November >
2008/09/04 9:55:52: Posted by DM
Rockstar North sources have revealed that the download content promised for the Xbox360 GTA IV game is on track for this November. The content, which is Xbox360 exclusive, will contain at least two more episodes for the game, which equates to about 10 hours of play. No details on exactly what it entails have been revealed. We hope it is killer because MS surely paid for it - 50 million is the rumored number.

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Grand Theft Auto IV

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Written by Nemesis IX on 2008/09/04

I heard its meant to be 2 ten hour episodes not ten hours total, The missions got repetative after a while if its just more missions i might just leave it but if there is another island i'll get it. i'd say it cost €15 per episode.
Written by madgunde on 2008/09/04

Sounds cool. Ten hours of play for $15-20 would be worth the price for sure, assuming it's at the same level of quality as the story in GTA IV. Since this is Rockstar, there's no reason to expect otherwise.
Written by Kenny K on 2008/09/04

@ nemesis, I don't think there will be any extra islands, but I could be wrong.

And if this is a true expansion, than I expect the price to be closer to $30
Written by Nemesis IX on 2008/09/04

I want new vehicles, Like Airplanes, JCB Diggers that be awesome, monster truck, Tank, Roller Blades And introducing animals, been waiting for animals sice GTA 3.

€15 is about $25 is what i was thinking but probally end up as €30 as well.

I Did hear a rumour that Vice City is meant to be the expansion with Missions split into the 2 episodes, but thats just a rumour.
Written by Kenny K on 2008/09/04

lol I'm not saying that we won't get extra content, I'm just saying that a new island probably won't happen.

these DLCs are a test bed for rockstar to how they move forward in the GTA series. One thought is that instead of releasing seperate side stories within the same game like last gen (GTA3, Vice city, and SA) they hope to just update the current game with enough content until the next true GTA sequel arrives
Written by Nemesis IX on 2008/09/04

yeah i know this is just what i want not what i think will be released.

I also want a Mini-gun for complete messy-niss, kinda what i missed about this one is cheat codes like in the previous games they we're fun the only reason i stayed with the games, they should release cheat options like what they did with Crackdown.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/09/04

I pass unless multiplayer maps are included...

But ten hours seems pretty good, it just i'm sure its repetitive...
Written by Kenny K on 2008/09/04

How are they supposed to provide MP maps when the whole game world is the setting for MP?

Doesn't make sense and it won't happen.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/09/04

yea it can make sense, only ppl who have new multiplayer maps can play each other, while the rest still play the same ol game !
Written by Kenny K on 2008/09/04

Are you 5 years old or something?

Do you not understand that your idea completely goes against how the MP is designed?

Yeah it can make sense, in your little world, but with how GTA's MP works, it doesn't make sense.

The MP is not based on maps or levels, it's set within the game world. Going back to maps or levels would be taking a step back, not forward.
Written by madgunde on 2008/09/05

More coop missions would be nice, I always felt the really skimped out on the coop. What were there, 4 coop missions?
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