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Resistance 2 Beta Applications Now Open >
2008/09/10 11:18:51: Posted by DM
Just a quick heads up, the beta application for Resistance 2 is now working, and you can fill out the short questionnaire to apply. The page that was always there is now working fully so, apply! It seems like Sony is going to pick more or less randomly, since they only ask a very few things.

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Resistance: Fall Of Man 2

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Written by VaeVictus on 2008/09/10

I got in two weeks ago thanks to my playstation underground membership(it finally paid off after 6 years). Maybe some other gr.com folks can get in and we can play some 8 player co-op. If you see me playing "Girl With a Stick," that means I'm playing the beta.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/09/10


yo, how is the game !!!???

its my favourite of all time and I dont care if the game is good, I want extra extra action FPS !!!!

I have a high expectation for this game !!!
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/09/10

BlackTiger: How can you even comment. You never play games...
Written by Xenos on 2008/09/10

I'm not even sure if he knows what a game is anymore

@ Victus,

They let you play the co-op levels in the beta?! Awesome sauce! So how many levels and how does it play out?
Written by incoming00 on 2008/09/10

signed up before the news hit this website :p
Written by poprocker on 2008/09/10

signed up just now. I'm guaranteed a slot regardless when the Qore users are allowed in.
Written by VaeVictus on 2008/09/10

I haven't played much of the co op as of yet. I did play a bit, but I've spent most of my time in the competitive mp. The map I played in co op was huge. It was from the forest map that has been shown at GDC and E3. You basically run into hordes of chimera main.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/09/10

I don't get it,

I don't play games ?

umm okay !

So i guess fanboys dont like me being happy about this Resistance 2 game...

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