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2006/03/15 1:07:22: Posted by DM
We have all the details from the Sony conference that just took place in Japan. First of all, the PS3 release date. Sony has confirmed a November release for the unit, this is a global launch release date. No specific day was given but Sony said from the 1st-10th of the month. Apparently once the unit is released, Sony will produce one million units per month with a total of six million units in 2006 alone.

All software will be released on the Blu-Ray format for the purpose of preventing piracy. Apparently the HDD is not necessarily standard, Sony is telling developers "develop for it (or it will not succeed)", and encouraging them to use it. The drive itself will be 60GB, upgradeable, and it will support Linux. The HDD will also act as a home media center and allow users to store various forms of media to be viewed elsewhere (similar to the Xbox360). The final development kits will ship sometime in June, Sony said.

As for backwards compatability, Sony announced that the PS3 will be 100% backwards compatible, and all PS2 titles will be displayed at high-definition resolutions (like the XBox360).

Sony will also launch the PS online network with the Playstation 3. The basic service will be free, more details coming. We can assume for now that "basic service" is equivalent to the Xbox Live Silver service. The service will be run by Sony Online Entertainment. That is all the info Sony has revealed on this subject.

As for price, Sony has said the unit will not cost less than 50,000.00 JP YEN. This equates to $425.607 USD. Oh boy.

In closing Kutaragi said "Cell realizes a four dimensional world. Let's chase this dream together." There you have the PS3 info, for some other great info on PSP and PS2 plans as well as some conference images, click read more.

On to the other info, there will be no PS2 price drop anytime soon. Ken Kutaragi said a PS2 price drop is not forthcoming as the company plans to continue selling it at its current price of $149 for some time. He also spoke about some of the future plans for the PSP which include plans for a videophone, a MinGol GPS add-on, a PSP Eyetoy, browser flash support with next update, and memory stick boot support (for the sales of games via download). There will also be an official Playstation emulator for the PSP. So there you have it! Better reserve those units now!

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Sony Conference

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Written by Inferno (33) on 2006/03/15

Wow a global launch, Sony has definitly shut up all the doubters including me :p
Written by Itaintrite on 2006/03/15

That launchdate is both bad news and good news. Bad news? It'll be a long wait :/ Good news though is that everybody will be getting their PS3 (possibly region-free too?) comes November. The Japanese are probably weeping right now though. They're the ones who this delay will actualy disappoint the most :P
Written by WORMGERM on 2006/03/15

Well it's off to EB to make my pre-order
Written by Solid Snake (2) on 2006/03/15

Simply the news everyone was expecting. If all goes like this recent news, I can see a GREAT console war. Price??? well high but considering the original nintendo released in US for a massive $250.00 bucks, I think in the technology area it will be affordable. Anyway, I will buy both 360 and PS3 because they are great systems and later on (mid 2007+) we will see awesome software for them, so my people make your best choices and cheer up for the HD era in videogaming. SAYONARA!!!!!
Written by TaiZ on 2006/03/15

Haha, the forth dimension is time, so I guess the PS3 will have a clock.

If he means time based games, that's been done.
Written by crazyray87 (3) on 2006/03/15

Go SONY go SONY !!
Written by Itaintrite on 2006/03/15

We've seen 4D done in games before (Jade Empire, Fables, etc). But I guess it'll become a standard in gaming with the PS3, just like 3D. But, will it actually affect gameplay though? That's the question.
Written by optaviusx on 2006/03/15

Yea I didn't expect a global launch now sony isn't in as bad a situation as I originally thought they were. If that november launch was only japan that would've been a disaster. Anyway turns out i was right when i said the ps3 couldn't show up in the usa any earlier than november =P I WANT MY MONEY :D

I feel sorry for nintendo isn't the revolution releasing around that time??
Written by optaviusx on 2006/03/15

Also microsoft will be revealing a new game from rare tomorrow. Viva Pinata along with some other things.
Written by attep on 2006/03/15

Quality good news for gamers. Worldwide launches look set to stay. Congrats to M$ for pioneering it and SOny for following. - come on Ninty just you guys left now :)
Written by Bobo (5) on 2006/03/15

Maybe when Worldwide Launches actualy mean worldwide.

If there are problems, Europe is dropped soon (look at PSP).

Australia is pushed back many times over.

South America isn't even recognized.

Besides, it just means it's harder for most people to get a system.

Not that I mind as I wait for them to fix first generation system problems, but for others it is.
Written by WORMGERM on 2006/03/15

Opta wow you can pull some shit out your ass.

I cannot believe you think people believe you
Written by steve_o_3000 (121) on 2006/03/15

so... did they show any games?
Written by gooseboy (78) on 2006/03/15

So... how is the Playstation 1 emu going to work for the PSP?

It won't have any full size cd drive so one would think it and a few popular games will be for sale on the PSP online site thingy. Pretty good idea but you can't emulate most of the good games straight up if you don't have a second analog stick.

Written by CraiZE on 2006/03/15

The PS1 didnt have the 2 Analogs by default, it was optional, so PS1 on PSP is quite possible if we dis-regard the size of a Disc. But maybe they let you put Games on the Memstick (PS1) and give you a dumper for PC that works for originals :)

The PS3 still has no Games that im waiting for, Sadly. The 360 has a handfull left and then i don't know whats gonna happen either. I hope we will see some good stuff on both machines, software wise, cause i couldnt care less about teraflopping cells with their pipes...

The only pipesi want to hear about are the ones from mario :P
Written by Ric hard (21) on 2006/03/15

How many times Sony is going to pimp us. I mean come on. Sony tells you and the stock holders what you want to here for your money thats it. They are not going to release the system worldwide and cause chaos like Microsoft has done. Also japanese people are not going to apprciate the delay for them and than be equal with us on a release for a japanese product. How many games are actually playable right now do anybody knows. Companies like Square Enix are not even sure if they are making games for Sony and thats one of Sony's big supporters. Plus to make the system in mass production you better have the cell chip technology and BlueRay ready to produce quickly. Even xbox360 had problems in the chip production which cause the shortage. Bottom line Sony is a pimp and we are the tricks. They are going to tell you what you want to here as long as you keep making that dough for them. As for me I'm a skeptic and don't trust what they say anymore I'll believe it when I see it.
Written by silverwolf on 2006/03/15

Just more hype! Where's the games? I really want to see the ones in 4D. They must be smoking some good shit down in Japan!
Written by theSeus (1) on 2006/03/15

Well written Ric hard. I completely agree. This is most likely just more postering by Sony. It is highly unlikely that they will have a true worldwide release. The smartest strategy if they can't actually do the world wide release would be to release first in the real battleground regions such as the US and Europe.
Written by rainofire on 2006/03/15

As for PS1 Emulation... ape escape required the dual analog... it needed the R3 and L3 buttons. I think there were others too. PS1 actually had games that required the Dual Analog.

I don't fully trust Sony anymore, They said Spring and kept saying it was going to happen... They completely ignored that statement like nothing happened and said Novemeber... Odd.

I am interested to see what else besides MGS4... I have no desire to play Killzone after that horrible first attempt. The Darkness? Boring... We will see.
Written by PenGun (1) on 2006/03/15

Apart from it's gaming capabilitys it will be a cheap Blu-Ray enabled Linux running media center.

i will get one for that and to play with it's cellness. I would not be surprised if sales from people who want it for a 'computer - media center' are a signifigent part of the total.

Written by sega (2) on 2006/03/16

sony "Our sole interest is making money. We don't care about the gamers and we'll steal ideas if we have to"
Written by silverwolf on 2006/03/16

As per Sony they claims "it's not a gaming system" WTF is that suppose to mean!?
Written by supersithzilla (48) on 2006/03/17

there really pushing this this thing to be a family entertainment system they already know it's going to suck as game system...please wait for the ps4 in 2009 or 2010 if you want to spend your hard earned money on

a system that will basically be killed off in a couple of years.
Written by addicted (1) on 2006/03/20

"As for price, Sony has said the unit will not cost less than 50,000.00 JP YEN. This equates to $425.607 USD. Oh boy."

May I have some proof, why would this be the only place with the information when 200 other reporters have released an article with this statement. I hate descrediting so many sources. Stick to 1st hand source, devolpers that are actually sharing there names and Sony. Not someone claiming to be sony. The least you can do is say this is speculation. Or not confirmed.
Written by Theonlysmartone (1) on 2006/04/06

Supid Sony fanboys. This is speclation... I think sega is the only one here with sense, the PS3 blows!!!
Written by Andy (5) on 2006/04/15

June will be the release of the SDK for a go-live in November (5 Months).... I'd like to see the game designers rush to have any decent games ready for that timescale. testing alone can take months. (you ready for the buggy games?
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