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D.I.C.E. Summit: Metal Gear Movie From Sony Studios >
2007/02/08 21:23:37: Posted by DM
At the last ever E3, Konami revealed that a Metal Gear Solid movie was in the works, and that they were in talks with a major Hollywood studio. Well, the studio turned out to be none other than Sony. No real surprise there considering Sony and Konami have been close for years. Besides the upcoming World of Warcraft film in the works over at WB, the MG film will be one of the highest profile game to film adaptations in the near future. One final note, Sont has hinted that the MGS movie is just the beginning.

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Written by Unbiased Technology Professor on 2007/02/09

Please, say this ISN'T true!!!

Whenever a game ends up being put on the movie screen, the movie SUCKS, it doesn't make any money, and it jynxes the future games so that they aren't nearly as good!!!

Please say this movie crap is NOT for real!!!
Written by VaeVictus on 2007/02/09

Kojima will be involved;Uwe Boll is not directing and neither is Paul W.S. Anderson. Now if Bill Gates were making it...
Written by LiK on 2007/02/09

live-action is gonna suck unless they get a very good director since Kojima won't direct it.
Written by Smarty Pantz on 2007/02/09

This can work out. The MGS series has always been heavy on story telling with some basis in reality. Its not like you're taking a Mario Bros or Street Fighter, make a story around it, and try to put it into the real world... you have to bend to many things.

Kojima might not direct it (hes not a director) but if hes part of developing the screenplay, then it can work.
Written by Tecno_Geek on 2007/02/09

@@@@ (un) bisead professor.

one of the best thing of the mgs saga is the complex and interesting storyline , it was critical aclaimed.

It was one of the first games to take hollywood production values , very seriously.

Ask anyone that is "unbisead".

If ms anounced SPLINTER CELL AS A MOVIE YOU WOULD SAY THAT it would be a sucess , dont you?

p.s DM , is time to ban this useless copy,paste ms trool.
Written by Nemesis IX on 2007/02/09

you could never make a great MGS movie as Techno said "one of the best thing of the mgs saga is the complex and interesting storyline" and you could never put that into a movie and keep the film length under ten hours. but if they do, do it Kojima better be involved otherwise it could be ridiculous bad.
Written by daveydz3 on 2007/02/09

Wow, the information is just released, the movie if it ever comes out, won't be out until probably late 08, early 09 and everybody goes monkeynuts this way and that, including you UTP. I personally would enjoy video game based movies if done right and I'm still looking forward to a Halo movie.
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