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2007/03/27 15:31:17: Posted by DM
Well folks it looks like we finally have an official date for the most anticipated XBox360 RPG adventure game of all time. Mass Effect, the Sci-Fi magnum opus from Bioware, will see retail shelves on June 5, 2007. Only three months until sci-fi rpg bliss!

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Mass Effect

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Written by Guerrilla on 2007/03/27

God i can't wait for this game. I still really hoped for a may release date but june 5th still sounds ok ;).
Written by B1ueadmiral on 2007/03/27

someone said in a comment it was coming out in June by at GDC. don't know who it was though
Written by sino on 2007/03/27

Forza in May, Mass Effect in June and Bioshock in August. No more summer drought for gaming.
Written by zwandaba on 2007/03/27

for real?? i thought it would be later

Written by captkey3s on 2007/03/27

finally! now the long wait til june 5th. must pre-order now.
Written by Sky on 2007/03/27

i really cant wait.. im clad its june 5th
Written by Unbiased Technology Professor on 2007/03/27

I am also SUPER happy that it is June 5th, because Mass Effect is a game that I honesty have been looking forward to more than anything in a very long time. The way the sci-fi presentation is combined with the graphics and gameplay is amazing. Mass Effect truly is something special!!!

I was getting back treatment today, and people were even talking about Mass Effect! I am NOT kidding, I pulled the curtain over to the guy next to me when I heard what he was talking about, and then I had a new buddy to talk to while elbows were being grinded into us and electro-current devices were zapping our spines.

I'm glad to see that you are excited about this game, as well, Sky. Maybe with Mass Effect we finally decide to put on our gloves, and come out fighting...TOGETHER!
Written by jockss2 on 2007/03/27

oh thats nice..did you guys sword fight?
Written by Eamo on 2007/03/28

This game is gonna wash my life away.. Much like what oblivion did last year
Written by neoimpulse on 2007/03/28

So close, but so far away...
Written by Nemesis IX on 2007/03/28

yeah its the futuristic Rgp on the Bethesta level of brilliance.
Written by Eamo on 2007/03/28

probably ahead of bethesda even, its bioware we're talking here!
Written by arthur56k on 2007/03/29

this will be one of the biggest games this year
Written by Ch@rmz on 2007/03/29

I can't wait for endless nights and droning days at work. BRING IT ON!!
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