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Warner Brothers Goes Blu-Ray Exclusively >
2008/01/04 16:50:45: Posted by DM
Another shot has been fired in the Blu-Ray / HD-DVD war. Warner Brothers has decided to go exclusively Blu-Ray. They will phase out HD-DVD production in by May. In Europe and the US, reports say that Blu-Ray is outselling HD-DVD by a substantial margin, although Paramount and DreamWorks are still HD-DVD exclusive.

"The window of opportunity for high-definition DVD could be missed if format confusion continues to linger," said Warner chairman and CEO Barry Meyer. "We believe that exclusively distributing in Blu-ray will further the potential for mass market success and ultimately benefit retailers, producers, and most importantly, consumers."

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Written by Krogan Battle Master Urdnot Wrex on 2008/01/04

This is interesting, because HD-DVD had just recently made a lot of progress by getting Paramount, Dreamworks, Nickelodean, MTV, and several others to work exclusively with HD-DVD.

Now, more than ever, we truly are in a paradox that will result in "format confusion."

The only true "Format Winner," that CANNOT BE DISPUTED is the "On-Demand" format.

If you have Cable/Satellite/Xbox 360, then you can download both Transformers (from Paramount--exclusive to HD-DVD) AND you can download Spiderman 3 (exclusive to Blu-ray).

In the end, On-Demand will be the one that wins.
Written by Krogan Battle Master Urdnot Wrex on 2008/01/04

I was talking with a few people just now, and it seems very unlikely that a "winner" will be determined in the next five years.

If Microsoft and/or Nintendo release their next system using HD-DVD devices, then the situation will will instantly change. People that previously exclusive for one will not support HD-DVD...In the same way, if Blu-ray were to take off, then Microsoft will use Blu-ray technology.

But the fact that the true "Big Boys," like Microsoft, Intel, Universal, Paramount, Dreamworks, Nickelodean, MTV, and others exclusively support HD-DVD...it means we are a looooong ways away from a winner.

In fact, if it wasn't for the sales of the PS3, the war would be over, since dedicated HD-DVD players outsell dedicated Blu-ray players.
Written by incoming00 on 2008/01/04

yup... big boys like MS and Intel... their HD exclusive movies must be doing great. hey, did you read the report on Michael Bays claim on MS creating consumer confusion? interesting claim. basically, MS is only fueling the HD-DVD camp to keep the consumers confused even more to help both formats fail. that way, MS can be "heroes" and bring everyone to digital distribution. odd... isnt digital distribution the same "winner" urdnot just claimed? and he's been saying it before Michael Bay opened his mouth 0.0
Written by WithoutPrejudiceGamer on 2008/01/04

HD-DVD days are numbered. "On-Demand" has been around for a couple decades already. It's only a niche market. Most people do not have access to nor are will to pay for the the required broadband connections. Most digital distribution movies are only 720p. Unacceptable for those whom have purchased 1080p HDTVs.

People overwhelmingly want physical discs they OWN and can play anytime, loan and trade with friends. Blu-Ray has the clear lead and is gaining further advantage with WB being another exclusive.

Apple will likely be announcing Blu-Ray drives in their machines very shortly. Most content is made on Apple machines. This will only further promote the Blu format.

Written by whYte420 on 2008/01/04

Why can't everyone just work together?
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/01/04

Who the F*CK cares. Only the PS3 fanboys who leave and breath anything Sony care. I am more than happy to wait out this HD movie format war. I think Blu-Ray will ultimately win due to Sony's including it in the PS3 and the fact that Sony owns several movie studios. It's not a matter of if Blu-Ray will win, rather it's a matter of when.

But seriously how long will it be before Blu-Ray wins, and then how much longer before it replaces DVD?????
Written by DM on 2008/01/04

in the end, what is the real difference though?

Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/01/04

DM: Exactly as long as Universal, Paramount, and Dreamworks are exclusive to HD-DVD this war will continue. Adoption of HD movies is going to be alot slower than DVD ever was. DVD was a huge upgrade from VHS that didnt require you to buy a new TV. It made sense to replace you movie library when upgrading to DVD. But upgrading to HD is totally different. I'm not in a hurry and neither is 99% of the rest of the world.
Written by WithoutPrejudiceGamer on 2008/01/05

Consumers care and movie studios care. DVD movie sales have fallen dramatically over the past year as everyone knows the old DVD format and standard definition TV's are going the way of VHS, CRTs and Windows 98.

Movie studios want sales and consumers want one clear winner before investing in a whole new media library. Consumers have made their choice. Despite cheap $99 HD-DVD players being available... there are far more Blu-Ray players in homes world wide - thanks to Sony including one for free inside 'every' PS3.

If M$ would have had the foresight to include a HD player and HDMI with every 360 from the beginning this would have been a closer race. But even that would have been an uphill battle against Sony/Apple/Pixar/Disney exclusively backing Blu-Ray.

WB was the last major studio whom was still split amongst the formats. In finally picking a side WB have declared "that's all folks" to the HD-DVD consortium. With 20% of DVD sales... WB alone has a much larger movie library than all the remaining HD-DVD supporters combined.

The only hope for the survival of the HD-DVD format now is to support a universal HD/BluRay player. That would not be a very cost effective or profitable business investment at this late date.

If Paramount and Dreamworks were smart they have contingency clauses in their exclusive contracts allowing them out if the consortium could not get or retain additional large backers. This may be why the HD-DVD group just cancelled their CES party and press conference. Additional HD-DVD fallout may be imminent. Even the formats closest supporters may be smart enough to cut their losses at this point.

Written by blacktiger on 2008/01/05










this is hilarious for urdonato ! he's been saying about hD DVD this and that and now he's shocked that warner went with blueray !!

thats so hilarious now hes bringing up saying no one is a winner !

I told u this and will say it again, Blue ray will win in the end , becaues of ps3 and apple and giant corperate, warner just reaize that MS is confusing the format , so there for they went with Blueray since MS is with HD DVD !

good for Sony !

they always kept their mouth shut ! and now their winning with blockbuster going exclusive with Blueray !

I love this dumb guy URDONATO !
Written by Krogan Battle Master Urdnot Wrex on 2008/01/05

Warner Brothers actually left themselves quite a bit of time (until May) to close out their operations...it is almost as if they are leaving the door open for Microsoft or Toshiba to pay them to stay on the team.

I think this is interesting, because Warner Brothers was the organization that actually patented a disc that could include HD-DVD and Blu-ray on the same disc.

Also, I agree with PimpDaddy that the jump from VHS to DVD was absolutely HUGE, and EVERYONE wanted to be a part of the jump from Analog to Digital, from low-resolution to Enhanced Definition...no more rewinding movies, ect...

But with Blu-ray and HD-DVD, the BIG jump in quality isn't the same: The only improvement is the way resolution is increased from 480p to 1080p. In fact, the other "differences" often work against Blu-ray. For example, there are times when Blu-ray discs have a smaller number of special features than standard DVD discs, because 1080p Blu-ray movies are only 25GB in size, compared to 30GB in size for 1080p HD-DVD discs, and 9GB for dual-layer often used in DVD discs (480p). That's why movies such as Superman are identical in every way on Blu-ray and HD-DVD, except for the fact that the HD-DVD version has an extra sound format available.

I currently own HUNDREDS of DVD movies...and I was very happy to replace all of my VHS movies with DVD discs.

However, there is NO WAY in the world I would EVER consider upgrading those movies to Blu-ray, because the majority of movies show very little difference in quality.

Movies like Star Wars on DVD had such a high budget that they look MUCH BETTER than most Blu-ray discs currently on the market...one of the best examples that is often used is comparing Last Samurai on Blu-ray to Star Wars on DVD...NUFF SAID.

Blu-ray doesn't even bother to use newer forms of compression technologies...it's just the same-ole MPEG-2 for almost all of the movies. HD-DVD uses the newer and better VC-1, and you can tell the difference in quality.

On-Demand is a service that may have technically "been available," for over a decade, but now that there is high-speed Internet, it has EXPLODED in popularity and its scope!

For example, there are HUNDREDS of movies that I can see FOR FREE at ANY point in time with my Comcast cable subscription right now!!!...and there are dozens and dozens more that I can order using Pay-Per-View.

If you want to talk about a "niche" market, then the 1080p market of HDTV sets meets that description FAR more than the "On-Demand," market does. There are TENS-OF-MILLIONS of people who currently use On-Demand!!!

That is the whole reason WHY the 720p and 1080i HDTV sets outsell the 1080p HDTV sets--since there are are no signals being sent in 1080p. Unless a TV is bigger than 42" in size, the human eye has a very difficult time telling the difference between 720p/1080i/1080p, because the pixels are so small. Remember, with 1080i and 1080p, they are the same resolution--just displayed in a different way that the human eye can't even detect.


DVD sales are INFINITELY GREATER than sales for Blu-ray and HD-DVD combined!!!

DVD is going to be around for a very looooooooooong time!

The FACT is that it may be the next-generation of videogame consoles that plays a significant role in determining a "winner" of the format war.

Reliable sources continue to say that Sony won't even release a PS4 or PSP2...but even if Sony did release another Blu-ray game system, it would be competing against products from Nintendo and Microsoft...and their choices would play a key role. If Microsoft and Nintendo chose HD-DVD, then there would be tens of millions of HD-DVD players in people's homes in no time.

People often say, "If Microsoft would have used HD-DVD, then the HD-DVD would be #1 right now."

Well, that's certainly true. HOWEVER, just stop and think where Sony might be if they would have used HD-DVD for the Playstation 3...the PS3 discs use 25GB discs, since that is the Blu-ray standard for mass production at this point in time. HD-DVD currently uses the standard of 30GB dual-layer discs. This means PS3 discs would have had 5GB more space than they do now...not only that, but the PS3 machine itself probably would have been able to launch at $399 instead of $599...just think about what sort of impact that would have had.

Now, and for the foreseeable future, the Playstation 3 is in a very distant #3 spot in the videogame console race--in terms of both hardware sales and software sales. Playstation 3 has the least amount of third-party support, and receives "watered down" ports at later points in time, even at higher prices! THOSE are reasons why Sony's greed with Blu-ray made it so the Playstation 3 is the least respected videogame system.


Response to blacktiger:

Blockbuster Video does NOT support Blu-ray "exclusively."

Blockbuster Video still continues to rent HD-DVD videos in the larger market stores that it originally selected to rent both HD-DVD and Blu-ray.

Also...what is FAR more important is that HD-DVD is rented in Blockbuster Video's service where movies can be rented through the mail. That is actually where they do the majority of their high-definition rentals for both formats.
Written by WithoutPrejudiceGamer on 2008/01/05

DM on 2008/01/04 "in the end, what is the real difference though? "


Content, content, content. Content is king!

With WB going Blu... estimates are 79% of all movies are now Blu-Ray EXCLUSIVE. Less than 17% are HD-DVD exclusive. With small non-exclusive studios making up the difference.

79% EXCLUSIVE = Goodnight HD-DVD... the future is Blu and you're not in it.
Written by PoonDaddy on 2008/01/05

You have too much time on your hands dude. This isn't even a big news site. Why spend ALL of your time spewing crap here?
Written by WithoutPrejudiceGamer on 2008/01/05

Current content available through NetFlix.

Netflix carries less than 400 HD DVDs

Netflix carries over 450 Blu-ray DVDs

Blu already had more content. This gap will widen very rapidly from here on out.
Written by WithoutPrejudiceGamer on 2008/01/05

Krogan wrote: "In fact, if it wasn't for the sales of the PS3, the war would be over..."

Exactly, Sony kicked MS short-sighted butt in this department. What MS also fails to realize is in the future when Sony finally stop producing the PS2 consoles (best-selling console of all time at over 120 million units and still selling) their PS3 sales will skyrocket. Sony won't do that until fundamental PS3 games hit the market (ie:GT5, Home, etc...) and most importantly HDTV sales reach critical mass later this year before the 2009 digital broadcasting switch over.

The hi-def video war is now over. Congratulations Blu-Ray. The next-gen console war is just getting warmed up.
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/01/05

WithoutPrejudiceGamer: You make me laugh. Krogan pulled you in sucker. Like I said who cares. What percentage of all home movie sales are in HD format??? DVD is going to take a long time to replace. Get back to me when HDTV's that can do are standard in homes. Get back to me when the average consumer even realizes what HD movies are.

Do me a favor since you obviously made your name to mock Krogans old name of UTP. Pull That Sony Sausage from you A$$ long enough to realize that you didnt get Blu-Ray for free in your PS3. Especially if you bought it at launch or anytime before they had 2 price reductions.

If you want to compare the PS3 to the 360 as a game console fine. But the HD movies is a waste of time. I knew Sony would ultimately win the so called format war. Trojan horsing Blu-Ray into the PS3, owning its own movie studios, and pay for exclusive rights from other studios.

Like I said. When Blu-Ray is relevant we will already be playing the next gen offerings from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

I cant stand when idiots sit in here and defend Blu-Ray. Defend the PS3 fine. But defend Blu-Ray when HD-DVD was the superior format??? Dont go there with the format size. Who cares, there is so much more to the HD formats like interactivity, manufacturing costs, upgradeability that made HD-DVD superior.

Congratulations to Sony. You won the so called HD format war at the cost of the videogame war. Good job idiots.

Stop sounding like a Sony tool and learn how to form your own opinion. I thought all the Playstation Polesmoking PR Puppets left this site already...
Written by WithoutPrejudiceGamer on 2008/01/05

HD-DVD was the superior format??? LOL
Written by zwandaba on 2008/01/05

As long as DVD movies are still being released, am happy. Whats the difference between seeing a movie in Blu-ray anyway?? What, that extra detail made the acting better? Made the story better? Brought out the message better?

Stop being fanboys, and start asking for better movies.
Written by MAKAVELI_ on 2008/01/05

Just a litle clue for you guys , " WithoutPrejudiceGamer " is one more retarded version of UTP.

He did that before ... you know why? less and less people started replying to him , to the point that the poor bastard had to speak with himself.

Sad , very sad.

Written by LordFlux on 2008/01/05

HD-DVD has its advantages... it supports 3 layers, SDVD on the opposite side. HD-DVD also supported Picture-in-Picture, which Blu-Ray has just recently supported (the PS3 doesn't have the capability, but newer players are required to support the feature).

But HD-DVD has been fighting a losing battle... the picture was pretty clear from the beginning. The movies that have been released on both formats, I've been buying on Blu-Ray.

As for digital distrubition... bah. It's not a problem for small downloads like XBLA titles... but for a movie, I want the disc.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/01/05

HD DVD is a superior but it failed only cause of MS for cnfusing the format war !

And with Kroganato, page im sorry i skiped his since i really have life and i can't read the whole thing !


But it all comes down to who has more and giant corperate on which side not which quality is better since both shows no different !

So relax ladies so far BLUE RAY IS WINNING ! and rememer if u guys didnt' know Blue ray can be upgrade too 200 GIG per disc, i dont know if you ever heard of that !
Written by Sky on 2008/01/05

good job sony.. the ps3 being the trojan house is starting to pay off.. and its knocking HD DVD in the dirt

My Sony Pilgrims follow me to victory!
Written by WithoutPrejudiceGamer on 2008/01/05

LordFlux, the PS3 does have PiP support. That was part of the 2.10 firmware update last month. Part of the reason the PS3 is so expensive to build is all the future technology and capabilities already built-in or that can be unlocked and or updated via firmware and software as the market finally catches up to industry plans.

Sony have stated repeatedly that this is a long term investment for them. They expect the PS3 to have a 10 year consumer life. (That seems ridiculous.) However, this was not possible with last-gen consoles that were essentially feature-locked the day they left the factory. This is not the case with the Wii, XBOX360 or PS3. Each can add features via firmware and software updates... but only to the point they've each planned for it. By including a hard-drive, Blu-Ray, HDMI 1.3 and WiFi in every PS3... Sony seems to be in the best position going forward. Sony's claim is the PS3 has been "future proofed" from conception. So far, so good... But we'll see how well they planned over the next couple years.

BTW: I'm not UTP as some have speculated. ;)
Written by incoming00 on 2008/01/05

funny how urdnot thinks that the reason why Warner is waiting until May 08 is to see if HD-DVD will pay them more money to jump ship. the way i see it, they dont want to make the same mistake as Paramount and Dreamworks did. seeing that they jumped to HD-DVD so suddenly and made the commitment almost immediately, they were left with thousands of copies of blu-ray movies that were coming out, like Transformers and Blades of Glory. Blades of Glory on blu-ray was even displayed at a show just before the switch. so i wonder what they did with all those left over blu-ray discs :P
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/01/05

WithoutPrejudiceGamer: Well you make a great argument for Sony. I think you should go get a job there. Seriously. I do agree now that the PS3 is some what affordable at $400.00 that Sony designed a good console. Is it futureproof? NO. Nothing is futureproof. There is always something better in development. Is Blu-Ray needed for videogames? NO. But I know software developers must love having the extra space plus standard HDD in every PS3.

I still prefer the Xbox 360 for its controller and it's online service. But damn the PS3 is affordable now, and you get wifi, HD videogames, HDD, and HD movies in the same box. Hard to beat that. If I were a consumer and I could get the PS3 and 360 for the same price I would probably choose the PS3. I am seriously torn now. I always thought Blu-Ray would eventually win, but damn Warner Bros just A$$ raped HD-DVD.

The gamer in me prefers the 360 right now. But the graphics whore/videophile/audiophile in me looks at the PS3 and is very tempted. I guess I will just wait beyond till more games come out, and see how the HD movie wars shake out.
Written by Krogan Battle Master Urdnot Wrex on 2008/01/05

Response to PimpDaddy:

Thank you for the support you offered to me. I appreciate it anytime and everytime when someone like you makes a point of sticking up for someone like me or anyone else who is being picked on for a dumb reason by an immature person...

And you hit the nail directly on the head--the person named WithoutPrejudiceGamer (who OFTEN shows prejudice in many ways) specifically said that he gave himself that name "in honor of the Unbiased Technology Professor"--my former name that I put into retirement.

As a Krogan Battlemaster, I thought it would be a good idea to track VaeVictus (i.e. WhyLosePS3) down and chase him across the galaxy...but then I realize that it would be a waste of energy, because PimpDaddy is 100% correct--ANYTHING that Sony can say is a Movie "Advantage" for Blu-ray from their "trojan horse" strategy is NOTHING compared to the Videogame "Disadvantage."


We need to remember a few things that are fundamentally important:

(1) As long as Universal Studios (the biggest and most influential movie company), Paramount, DreamWorks, Nickelodeon, and MTV release products exclusively for HD-DVD, then it is fundamentally IMPOSSIBLE for Blu-ray to "win," the format war.

(2) As long as companies like Fox and Disney release movies exclusively for Blu-ray, it is fundamentally IMPOSSIBLE for HD-DVD to win the format war.

(3) The "Dedicated" HD-DVD movies players have actually outsold the "Dedicated" Blu-ray movie players by a very large margin.

(4) If it wasn't for the fact that the Playstation 3 didn't have Blu-ray built into it, then the Blu-ray would be losing to HD-DVD.

(5) Although Sony's "Trojan Horse" strategy of putting Blu-ray in the PS3 may have helped the Blu-ray movie format a little bit, it has severely hurt the Playstation 3 videogame format.

For example, in August Paramount and DreamWorks said the exact same thing that Warner Brothers said on January 4, 2008...at this point in time there is clearly no winner, which means that Sony's "Trojan Horse" strategy definitely did not succeed in the way that they intended. When you consider that Blu-ray does not have the support of Universal, Paramount, and DreamWorks, it means Blu-ray is a very long way from being considered "the winner."

(6) Consider how Sony's greed with the Blu-ray "Trojan Horse" strategy actually KILLED the Playstation brand, just like classic the song says!. The Playstation 3 launched at a price of $599. Sony would have been able to launch the Playstation 3 at a price of $399 if they would have used HD-DVD instead of Blu-ray.

Not only that, the PS3 games would actually have more space on each disc if Sony would have used HD-DVD instead of Blu-ray. Currently the standard of all PS3 games and the majority of all Blu-ray movies is a single-layer 25GB disc. However, the standard for all HD-DVD discs is currently dual-layer 30GB. This means Playstation 3 games would have 5GB of extra space, and cost less to produce!

Sony's nonsense of "up to 200GB per disc" for an 8 layer Blu-ray is more than the 120GB per disc for an 8 layer HD-DVD is just that...NONSENSE...In fact, Toshiba has already changed the three-layer HD-DVD discs so that they have 17GB per layer, rather than 15GB per layer. This means if there was a need for more than 30GB of space, HD-DVD would use a three-layer 51GB disc, compared to the dual-layer 50GB Blu-ray disc.

It gets worse! If Sony would have used an HD-DVD instead of Blu-ray, then the load times would be faster on the Playstation 3, because the Red laser is larger and can read data faster. For example, the Xbox 360 transfers data at a rate of 16MB per second, compared to 9MB per second on the Playstation 3. This is the reason why load times are faster on Xbox 360 games. Sony wouldn't get ripped on for longer load times if they would have used HD-DVD.

There is actually a song about the Playstation 3 that talks about these problems...it sounds pretty good, too.

(7) The amazing thing about Sony is that they have failed so many times, yet they don't learn from their mistakes. In the end Sony finds a way to lose...remember BETA originally started out ahead of VHS, but it didn't matter in the end. Sony lost the BETA vs VHS war. When EVERYONE was supporting MP3, Sony decided to start their own format, and Sony music players would NOT work with MP3...as a result the iPod put Sony's "Walkman and Discman" out of business.

(8) Michael Bay, the director of Transformers, was actually upset when he found out that his movie would not be put on Blu-ray. He wanted it to be on all formats. He went on to say that Microsoft was simply using the HD-DVD format to keep Blu-ray busy as long as possible in a format war, UNTIL Microsoft had "perfected" their Digital Download Compression technology in a way that would put both Blu-ray, HD-DVD, and all other optical disc formats out of business once and for all. A lot of people say that this is probably true.

But stop and think about how much better it will be to use wireless technology, similar to a Cell Phone, to be able to download any sort of program any time you want...not just in a "Pay per View" type of way...but in an "On-Demand" subscription service, where you can order ANYTHING you want for FREE, as long as you are a subscriber...that is what the future truly holds...and that is why I am NOT motivated to go and replace all of my hundreds of DVD discs with either HD-DVD or Blu-ray discs.

In fact, I have to admit that sometimes I don't go and put discs in my DVD player is because I have HUNDREDS of discs, and it takes too long to find the one I want to watch, and then go put it in the player.

Wouldn't it be INFINITELY BETTER to be able to select any movie you want to watch in high-definition, where all of them are available on a network??? That is what people are saying is only a short time away.

(9) I also think it's worth noting that the PS2, PS1, Nintendo 64, Genesis, SNES, NES, and DVD players all sold the overwhelming majority of their systems at prices of $199 or lower, especially at gradually declining prices of $149, $129, and $99.

There is NO WAY in the natural universe (but maybe in the 4D fictional minds of the few remaining PS3 fanboys) that the Playstation 3 will ever reach those prices!!!

So the Blu-ray format isn't going to be put into homes nearly as fast as standard DVD technology was.

A lot of people are pointing out that in four years or so, when Nintendo and Microsoft release their next videogame systems (Rumors suggest PS3 and PSP are Sony's last units, due to the loss of money), the Nintendo and Microsoft hardware may be loaded with HD-DVD drives, or some other form of optical disc.

By then, HD-DVD will be extremely low-cost, just like standard DVD technology was when it was used in videogame technology. In other words, the PS3 currently does not, and won't have the type of influential impact for Blu-ray that Sony was hoping for during "this generation," due to the high cost.

However, "next-generation," the costs will be low enough that technology such as HD-DVD can in fact make an impact...we can easily expect to see companies like Disney, Fox, Universal, Paramount, ect... change their minds about which formats they support if certain sales milestones are reached.

Consider that Warner Bros. has already released SO MANY of their top movies on HD-DVD, and they will continue to support HD-DVD until May of 2008. Movies that have already been put on HD-DVD from Warner Bros. will not become "unavailable" after May of 2008; their production will simply be outsourced to some other organization...although something like Pee Wee's Big Adventure 3 released in June of 2008 would only be on Blu-ray.

As you can tell, I read about all this stuff and take it pretty seriously. Microsoft really is one of my favorite organizations in the world. A lot of people (such as Apple's Steve Jobs) had bad things to say about Bill Gates and Paul Allen in the past (they are friends now), but that is because they have repeatedly gotten their butt kicked by Bill and Paul. The only reason Apple was able to succeed with the iPod was because Microsoft bought Apple and gave them huge amounts of liquid cash assets to work with. Afterwards, when the iPod became a success, Microsoft sold the stock for hundreds of times more than what they originally paid. Many people actually say that one of the reasons why Microsoft was so interested in helping Apple with the music industry was to make it so Sony was not able to use their Walk"man" and Disc"man" style marketing to succeed in the Digital music era. If that is true, then Apple did their job and Microsoft is happy.

It's the same thing with the Playstation 3, except, ironically, Sony can thank themsleves more than anyone else for the failure of the Playstation 3 videogame system.

When you consider that Sony advertises the Playstation on television as a Blu-ray movie player...and Blu-ray movies (many of which are also on HD-DVD) are the ONLY "Content" that is shown during that 30 second commercial...then that is PATHETIC, because it shows that there is NO "Videogame 'Content'" worth advertising!

And what is even worse for the Playstation 3 is that when they advertise games for the PS3, they are advertising multi-platform games, and they say things like "From the creators of Gears of War."


Playstation 3 has definitely FAILED as a videogame console...there is NO DOUBT about that!

.... Here is the song I was referring to: hxxp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R98qC0fd_1w
Written by poprocker on 2008/01/06

longest post EVAR!
Written by WithoutPrejudiceGamer on 2008/01/06

UTP said: "-the person named WithoutPrejudiceGamer (who OFTEN shows prejudice in many ways) specifically said that he gave himself that name "in honor of the Unbiased Technology Professor"--my former name that I put into retirement."


LOL. That guy's funny... his fantasy world never ends. :D

For those who care... my name is based on two things:

1. I'm a "Gamer"... I'm a bleeding edge early adopter. I buy/play them all.

2. "Without Prejudice" is a legal term. Look it up. In a nutshell it simply means that I'm stating my full, complete and impartial view. But I do reserve my right to change my mind should new evidence be presented. It's one of the ways judges sign their orders.
Written by kungfurabbit on 2008/01/06

Krogan, seriously get a life. I definitely picture you as the fat guy playing world of warcraft in that south park episode.

Krogan, seriously get a life.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/01/06

oh not a another long ass post !

he's gonna come up with another logic even if another giant corp. leaves to blu ray no point of aruging with him or even statement....

just leave him to blank page boys !
Written by WithoutPrejudiceGamer on 2008/01/06

PimpDaddy: Thanks for the compliment. But I have no desire to work in a corporate environment no matter what name is on the door. I prefer garage band innovation, freedom of expression and not selling my soul to Sony or MS.

But please don't say nothing is future-proof. Your average fishing pole is future-proof. Future-proof does not mean something new wont come along. In industrial design it simply means that it's unlikely to become obsolete during its' expected life-span. In the case of Sony's statement, it means they believe that they have built-in adequate growth and contingency technology for their projected 10 year product cycle. Only the test of time will tell if this is true.
Written by Krogan Battle Master Urdnot Wrex on 2008/01/06

Response to WithoutPrejudiceGamer:

(1) PimpDaddy won't be fooled by your sarcasm, and he will recognize your little "shot" at me about selling souls...personally, I would love to see you and PimpDaddy put in the same environment, because it wouldn't be long before he would break an immature person like you in two!

(2) The fact that you make comments about people being "fat" and "retarded" and even made references to the "color" of peoples skins, other similar comments in the past (several of which I complained about to DM) shows that you ARE IN FACT VERY immature and very "Prejudiced!"

(3) Future-Proof is something that Sony TRIES to indicate that their products have, but in reality those products are NOT classified as "Future-Proof."

For example, in 2005 Sony marketed their HDTV sets as "Future-Proof," because they could "'Display' 1080p signals...although they could NOT 'Accept' 1080p signals."...in 2006 we found out those HDTV sets were NOT Future-Proof.

In 2006, Sony releases 1080p HDTV sets that can "Both 'Accept' and 'Display' 1080p signals." That was 100% PROOF that the 2005 HDTV sets were NOT "Future-Proof."

Sony marketed those 2006 HDTV sets as "Future-Proof," but we found out in 2007 that Sony's 2006 models are NOT "Future-Proof."

In 2007 all of the HDTV sets included 1080p resolution with 120hz, something the 2006 models didn't have...A friend of mine said, "So, I guess my 2006 model wasn't 'Future-Proof' after all."...he was Correct!!!

Sony will ALWAYS try to use that word "Future-Proof," but in REALITY they are ALWAYS marketing a scam to get you to buy "that years" model.

It's the same with the Playstation 3...the PS3 will NOT last 10 years...it has no more than five years of life left inside it before Sony will need to decide "Do we release a PS4, or stop making videogame hardware."

Reliable sources have said the Playstation 3 and PSP are Sony's last products that they will release in the videogame industry, because of the poor hardware sales and poor software sales. Too much money has been lost on those products, and the name-brand has been hurt too much.


* Playstation 3 is called "The Biggest Disappointment of the Year," by both TIME magazine and USA Today.

* Halo 3 wins the award for Game of the Year by TIME magazine, and breaks all the records for any form of entertainment in the Guiness Book of World Records.

That is a Night-and-Day difference between the two products.
Written by Krogan Battle Master Urdnot Wrex on 2008/01/06


Compare HD-DVD to Blu-ray

There are several other factors that make it INFINITELY CLEAR that this "format war," is in a very early stage...and it may not even matter!


(1) Microsoft, Intel, HP, and others fully support the HD-DVD format, because it is so "flexible," in the way that software can be written on the disc.

(2) Microsoft, Intel, HP, and others do NOT support the Blu-ray format, because it is NOT "flexible" in the way that software can be written on the disc.

This actually has nothing to do with "blue laser vs red laser" sort of stuff. It has to do with the greed of the Blu-ray Group and the Licensing/Royalty sort of stuff they use.

In other words, even if companies like HP, Dell, Lexmark, Apple ect... just release a software disc for something as simple as a Driver for a Printer, then the Blu-ray would be difficult to work with, because they would want money for something so small...HD-DVD isn't like that, and that is why HD-DVD receives SO MUCH more PC support than Blu-ray does.

(3) At prices of $300 or more, I agree with the analysts that "it doesn't matter."...but when the prices are at $99 or less (which they were at Wal-Mart this year for HD-DVD players), then the Adult-Film Industry DEFINITELY DOES matter...and the Adult-Film Industry has made it 100% clear that they support HD-DVD more than Blu-ray, because it is less expensive to produce HD-DVD discs.

(4) The combination of the PC-Industry and the Adult Film Industry giving their support to HD-DVD are very important...

However, when you consider that Universal Studios, Paramount, Dreamworks, Nickelodean, MTV, and several others in Europe release Movies/TV shows only for HD-DVD, then that means it is IMPOSSIBLE for Blu-ray to EVER "win" a format war.

(5) Sales figures CLEARLY indicate that "Up-Converting" DVD players outsell both HD-DVD and Blu-ray players (including the PS3) by HUGE margins!!!

(6) Flash Memory continues to have prices that decrease. Microsoft was talking a while back about how within the next few years virtually all software will either be included on a hard drive, or it will be downloaded. The downloaded software can be placed on Flash Memory devices. And those Flash storage devices have HUGE memory reserves, and the prices continue to fallllllll very quickly.

When the Wii 2 and Xbox 720 are released, we may be given the choice of downloading the games directly to our systems...or, if you don't have access to the Internet, then you can go to the store and download the game onto your Flash Memory card.

Remember, there is an EXCELLENT chance that neither HD-DVD nor Blu-ray will "win."

Flash Memory and "Downloads," are truly going to be the eventual "winner."
Written by WithoutPrejudiceGamer on 2008/01/06

UTP blurbs: (2) The fact that you make comments about people being "fat" and "retarded" and even made references to the "color" of peoples skins, other similar comments in the past (several of which I complained about to DM)


LOL. He is either delusional or has me confused with someone else. PLEASE provide link. PLEASE DO!

From what I can tell HD-DVD effectively only has two remaining significant content supporters. Both being compensated by Microsoft for their support.

1. Universal: They are largely an impotent organization when it comes to leadership. For the past decade they have been not much more than a commodity traded amongst conglomerates. Being passed from one fledging empire to another. Each time being parted out to different buyers. The movie group is currently owned by NBC... long time partner in the Microsoft synergy.

2. Viacom: They own Paramount, DreamWorks, Nickelodeon and MTV. They are being paid $500 million by Microsoft to side with the HD-DVD group through 2008. What happens after that?

These HD-DVD exclusive partners have exceptions. One significant leak in their subsidized fortress is Steven Spielberg maintains control of all his films and is not bound by the Universal and Viacom exclusive HD-DVD contracts. Additionally, these HD-DVD exclusives are not world wide exclusives. If you want Transformers on Blu-Ray... no problem... all you have to do have an internet connection and import one from the UK or check with your local importer.

Written by blacktiger on 2008/01/06

and he said DVD doesn;t look much different than blu ray which i belive, he also mention hd dvd unless, he's a blue ray hater ! and im talking about kroganato !

Does anybody need to know who won or who's winning so far, by looking at what BLU RAY line up is !


APPLE (don't tell me shit Kroganato, cause Apple computers sels a lot, and thats gonna hurt HD DVD)

BLOCKBUSTER (they are going exclusive with BLU RAY)

now pls dont give me logic just tel me what HDDVD has

Paramount and Dreamworks not gonna help, by the way it better be Dreamworks ANimations cause the the rest of it is not big that it cost only !Billion dollar and they sold it. Not valuable at all ! just animation cost over 5-6 Billion dollar alone ! comparing the whole studio of Dreamworks !

So again is more like Paramount !
Written by MAKAVELI_ on 2008/01/07

Please dont be part of this charade. UTP is using both krogan and withoutprejudice nicknames , and replying to himselfe.

Dude you realy need to get a life.
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