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Burnout Revenge

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Written by DM on Friday, March 10 2006

Burnout Revenge is the Xbox360 version of a game that has been out for a while on Xbox. This fact alone has made many people refrain from playing it. Is the game really worth playing $60 dollars for again? Well, we say yes, let’s jump in and find out why.

I can begin by saying that since Burnout Revenge already looked fantastic on the Xbox, this version of the game is not going to be such a big jump that you will do a double take. The game looks better for sure, but it does not look so much better that you will have to club a baby seal just to get a copy. The graphics are certainly good and they work well with Burnout’s style of gameplay, with slow motion crashes and tons of damage physics.

The sound is pretty much the same as you would expect from any of the Burnout games. We had a small issue with the Dolby Digital sound, but when we switched it from digital to analog in the dashboard and then back to digital again, it worked itself out. The car crunches and engine noises are every bit as guttural as I would expect, and when crashed happen the glass shattering and fiberglass disintegrating sounds fantastic.

One of the things you will certainly notice in this game is that the loading times are about twice as long as they are in the Xbox version. I figure anywhere from 10 to 20 seconds on some races which is not that long in real life, but when you are waiting for a game to load, 20 seconds can be long enough that you will definitely take notice. One of the things that makes this loading time especially annoying is that you cannot just hit X to retry the race after you finish. You can hit start to pause and retry during the race, but not after. Seems silly but it is what it is.

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