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2009/11/17 16:51:37: By DM
It seems that Metroid Prime 3 may not be the last game in the series. At least, that is according to comments made by Kensuke Tanabe in a recent Nintendo Magazine interview. Because the new Other M game was headed to the Wii in 2010, some have incorrectly assumed that Metroid Prime was finished. The series still has a future indeed, and according to Tanabe, Nintendo cannot even deny the possibility of Samus returning to the DS or DSi. It goes without saying to not expect anything soon, but keep an eye out nonetheless.
2009/11/17 16:47:48: By DM
For those Street Fighter heads out there like us here at GR, there is a new video available of the upcoming semi-sequel Super Street Fighter IV. In the video, you will see the new Ninjitsu-esque woman Juri taking on another new challenger. T-hawk or Dee-Jay it could be.. check it out and see. We are poets here at GR.

2009/11/17 15:08:45: By DM
Despite reports yesterday that Modern Warfare 2 had been recalled in Russia, it seems the game is still selling. It is being censored by Activision, though, who updated the game to remove the Russian airport massacre stage. Activision made this move in order to rebuke the reports made yesterday that Modern Warfare 2 was recalled in the former Soviet Union.

2009/11/17 15:06:05: By DM
Microsoft has dismissed last week's rumors of the Project Natal launch details. MS claims they "weren't accurate," and there are still many things to be decided, apparently. The comments were made last night at the London launch of the Social Networking update for the XBox360. The reports on the pricing and shipments were totally false, apparently, so we will have to wait a bit longer, folks.
2009/11/17 10:37:53: By DM
According tot the latest internet buzz, the developer Pandemic Studios, the creator of such games as Mercenaries, Full Spectrum Warrior, and Star Wars: Battlefront, will be closed today. There will be over 200 layoffs, and the remaining staff will be absorbed into other EA studios. This goes into the rumor mill for now, more info when we have it. A shame if true, though.
2009/11/17 10:35:23: By DM
Well, folks, the day is finally here. Microsoft will update the Xbox360 today to support both Facebook and Twitter, right from the Xbox360 dashboard. No more having to go to your browser to tell everyone you enjoy bubble baths while playing Assassin's Creed 2 while listening to Sarah McGloughlin streaming through Last.FM. Click read more for the full info.


REDMOND, Wash. — Nov. 16, 2009 —


Unlock a world of friends, entertainment and games from the comfort of your couch, displayed on the best screen in the house, using Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE. Tomorrow, Xbox LIVE members around the world will have their Xbox 360 console transformed and plugged into the best value in home entertainment, with access to Facebook, Twitter, Last.fm and Zune video with instant-on HD, all right in their living rooms.
2009/11/16 16:45:48: By DM
Apparently, Russia has recalled copies of Modern Warfare 2. Surprisingly (not really), this is due to the airport scene in which Russian civilians are massacred by you, the player. Infinity Ward has patched the PC version to completely edit out the scene, and there is a new censored version headed to retail shelves shortly. The US Vs. Russian theme has made the game not sell that well in the former Soviet Union, shockingly (not). Hopefully they get over it.
2009/11/16 15:23:45: By DM
Bioware apparently would consider co-op multiplayer for future Dragon Age and Mass Effect games. Founder and CEO Dr. Ray Muzyka spoke in an interview and said that a co-op mode in both games "could make a great gameplay experience." He went on to say that nothing has been decided yet, but in a game such as Dragon Age, co-op is virtually a necessity. Maybe we will even see a co-op DLC add-on.

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