2009/09/30 10:27:52: By DM
The first DJ Hero game is not even out yet, but Activision is already recruiting talent for the planned sequel. Not that it comes as a surprise to anyone that the game is going to get a sequel, but DJ Qbert has already been approached for inclusion in a sequel. DJ Qbert is considered a pioneer of the turntable, and has won multiple awards, and even designed tables and mixers for Vestax. Stay tuned.
2009/09/30 10:24:34: By DM
A federal judge has thrown out a case brought by Jim Brown against EA, following claims that EA used Brown's image illegally. Now, though, Brown is far from giving up. He is teaming up with former NFL players like Herb Adderley, Sam Keller, and others, to put forth a class action lawsuit against EA for illegal use of likenesses, and violation of rights of publicity. Likely that EA will try to settle this one.
2009/09/29 18:37:04: By DM
Age Of Conan developer Funcom has announced it is cutting 20% of its staff. This will result in a delay of "several months" for the upcoming MMO The Secret World. The Secret World has no release date, but a 2011 launch now looks likely. The game has occult, conspiracy-themed storylines, set in a contemporary world. The game is penned by Dreamfall creator Ragnar Tornquist, and Dreamfall is one of the best game stories ever written, in our humble opinion. Let's hope the game does not get canceled altogether.

2009/09/29 18:11:15: By DM
The CounterStrike co-creator Minh Le, has resurfaced after years of shunning public life to talk about his new game, the spiritual successor to CounterStrike. The game, called TI or Tactical Intervention, is due in beta later this year. The game is similar to CounterStrike, especially the graphical style and engine. This time around, the game is being made from scratch, no Valve to limit what he can and cannot do. The game is a tactical shooter based on terrorists and counter-terrorists, again, but TI has hostages running around the map. The hostages dynamically respond to events in the game, as well as environmental happenings like gunfire, explosions, etc. Players will even be able to command attack dogs in this game. Minh Le said he hated campers and snipers in CS, and that the wait between rounds was too long, so TI will cut down on both. Sounds like he might have another winner. We will see later this year.
2009/09/29 17:35:12: By DM
There is a shaky cam version of the extended Super Street Fighter IV trailer that shows game play for T-Hawk, DeeJay, and Juri, along with their Ultras. It looks insane, DeeJay looks great! Check it out.

2009/09/29 17:29:27: By DM
As you may or may not know, The Knights Of The Old Republic 2 game contained much content on the actual game disc, but that content was never included in the game. The developer, Obsidian, arguably one of the better devs out there, simply did not have time to make the game close to what it should have been in the year they were given. Now, the Restored Content project is entering its open beta phase, and as the name suggests, it aims to reinstate much of the lost content found on the KOTOR2 Disc but not in the actual game. This mod is not the only restoration mod out there, but it is the only one that seems like it may actually be finished in time for the game not to have been long forgotten. Kudos, and check it out for sure. Play the game the correct way, like KOTOR 1.
2009/09/29 15:48:56: By DM
Since the release of the playable Forza 3 demo, there have been massive amounts of complaints that the game does not come close to the look of the screenshots released previously. This is pretty much a fact, folks. Well, not the developers are coming out with a few reasons for this. First, the demo is from an older build of the game, apparently. On top of that, the devs says that the photomode models have a higher quality, which is what a lot of the screens were from. Sounds like bullshots to us, but you decide.
2009/09/29 14:53:48: By DM
We told you that Uncharted 2 had Twitter support a few weeks ago. We also told you that it would end up being a bit of a pain. Well, turns out everyone thought so as well, as the early reviewers saw their Twitters getting updates multiple times per hour. The support option is still in the menu, but when enabled, it will not work. Naughty Dog plans a patch later on to re-enable this feature, but with much less updating. Oh well, good idea, bad execution.

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