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2006/02/27 17:26:43: By vividbreeze
One of my alltime favororite Adventure Action packed game is still on track for Hollywood and finally gets a screenwriter. According to The Movie Insider the 2 screenwriters will be Jeffrey Nachmanoff & Jordan Mechner. From the makers of The Big Gig, The Day After Tomorrow and One Nation this script should be a hit! Wonder who will be the prince?
2006/02/27 13:41:15: By DM
In what people are calling the worst mass screwing of electronics consumers in history, it has been revealed that the new next gen DVD formats will only work with HDMI/DVI connections. Not only that but they will need to have HDCP to work, which is not even equiped on most HDMI/DVI switchers. What a nightmare. Does this mean that Playstation 3 will only work with HDMI/DVI inputs since the data comes from a Blu-Ray disc? Hopefully not. (Thanks, HardWood)
2006/02/27 9:18:49: By DM
Some images from the set of the Dead Or Alive movie currently in production have surfaced on the net. The images show just how cheesy the moive is going to be. Especially take note of the images of the guy playing Zack and Jamie Pressly. Oh boy.

2006/02/13 8:18:40: By DM
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, the CG movie that was supposed to have been released here in the US last november, finally has a date. April 25, 2006 will be the day that US FF fans will be able to grab the DVD and UMD of the english version of the film. The DVD will feature some bonuses: a story digest, deleted scenes, a featurette: "Making Of Final Fantasy VII," footage of Final Fantasy VII at the Venice Film Festival, and a sneak peek of the games in the upcoming "Compliation of Final Fantasy VII" series. Hopefully it will be worth the long wait.
2006/02/09 7:53:33: By DM
Sony became the first studio to put a price tag on the next genertaion of media yesterday. The movies on Blu-Ray will range from 17-23 dollars wholesale, and this translates into 23-28 dollars retail. Wow, 28 dollars is a lot for 1 movie. Let's hope the prices drop as they always do as time goes on.
2006/02/08 15:35:25: By DM
Collision Entertainment producer Scott Faye is heading both of these movie projects according to Yahoo. Faye spoke to Yahoo's Hollywood Byte regarding the status of the films, and Alice seems to be further along with a completed screenplay. Sarah Michelle Gellar is attached to play the lead role. The film is going to be a Universal Pictures project with an estimated budget of $50 million. It may start principal photograhy as early as this summer with a release next year likely. Thank god no Uwe Boll.

Faye said that in Hollywood marketing terminology, Alice is a multi-quadrant film, which means it can theoretically open in any quarter of the year. He added that Nispel, who has a very clear visual idea of what Alice will be on screen, wanted to do the film for a price. This decision wasn't based on the financial upside of making a movie for a more modest budget, but because the director likes to challenge himself creatively and because he believes he can do great things without a bloated budget.
2006/02/01 16:09:22: By DM
Each year, around the same time as the academy awards, films are nomiated for the Golden Rasperry Awards. These are, you guessed it, the worst films of the year. Who is right at the top? Who else, Uwe Boll for his cinematic masterpiece Alone In The Dark. People compare Uwe frequently to Ed Wood, the widely-accepted worst film director of all time, but Ed Wood had so much more style than Uwe it isn't even funny. Or maybe it is.
2006/02/01 11:55:15: By DM
Delayed yet again the english version of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is now planned "before the end of 2006." Wow. All you who said they were not going to edit the mouth movements i think have your answer, if they werent tweaking the animation what else woudl take so long? Oh well, we wait again.

By the way... you fans of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children will be pleased to learn this. Mike Stradford told me that Sony's working hard to get the film released on DVD here in the States by the end of 2006.

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