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2008/06/09 15:58:05: By DM
According to analysts at the famed Wedbush Morgan, the stellar sales of GTA IV did not actually increase console hardware sales. This directly contradicts claims by both Microsoft and Sony, who both stated that the game increased their hardware sales significantly. We tend to agree with Sony and MS on this one, due to being at places like Gamestop when sales were made.
2008/06/09 13:35:06: By DM
Originally, a "reliable source" told Shacknews that Lucasarts was set to halt internal game development and let go over 100 workers after the release of The Force Unleashed. Shacknews boke the story. Now, in an update today, a Lucasarts representative confirmed that the studio is 100% committed to its development team, and the rumors are false. Time will tell who was right, it may be that Lucasarts got caught with their hand in the cookie jar and now has to backtrack, or else the source was just repeating rumor, not fact.
2008/06/07 15:05:49: By DM
Take Two has stated that their staff and development houses are not letting themselves be distracted by EA's apparently hostile takeover bid. Chair Strauss Zelnick praised his company for remaining focused during this time of corporate upheaval.

"I think we've demonstrated that despite distractions everyone has their head down and a smile on their face and they're getting the job done"

2008/06/07 15:02:25: By DM
Tecmo has issued a statement in response to Tomonobu Itagaki leaving the company and filing suit against the president, as we told you. Tecmo is denying responsibility for the completion bonuses that Itagaki claims are unpaid, and also states that it paid Itagaki a bonus every year, based on their bonus system already in place. The bonus Itagaki is suing over, is a separate one, apparently. Tecmo also related its displeasure with Itagaki making this matter public, as it considers it a personal matter. Lastly, Tecmo maintains that Tomonobu Itagaki is not solely behind Team Ninja, and the team is alive and well back at Tecmo, and working on new titles. In fact, the Tecmo US office reiterated the fact that Itagaki's former team is indeed alive and well, and "Team Ninja is, more than ever, committed to producing compelling and cutting edge games in order to maintain its reputation as a high quality developer and to continue to receive the support of its loyal fans." Good news for DOA and NG fans, we shall wee where the series goes without the main man.
2008/06/04 19:24:37: By DM
With the most recent deadline for EA's acquisition of Take Two rapidly approaching, it seems that EA has "graciously" amended its proposal to allow time for the Federal Trade Commission to gather information. FTC inquiries were behind the last deadline push, according to EA, and now the 16th of June is the new date. EA really wants Take Two, we don't think they will stop until they get it.
2008/06/03 16:23:57: By DM
In case you missed it yesterday, Gametap and Interplay have announced a new expanded partnership that will see some of Interplay's classic titles join the download/play roster of Gametap. Descent, MDK, and new Earthworm Jim games are part of the new deal, it seems. The Gametap service has become fairly popular, despite initial misgivings. Then again, the advertising budget over at Turner, their parent company, is fairly large.
2008/06/03 8:35:14: By DM
On the day of release of his Ninja Gaiden 2, Tomonobu itagaki has announced that he is not only leaving Team Ninja, but he is suing the president of Tecmo as well! Itagaki said he was claiming JPY 148 million (USD 1.42 million) in damages over "unpaid completion bonuses" and for "disingenuous statements" made towards him. Apparently, the president refused to pay bonuses that him and his team were entitled to. The president told Itagaki that is he wasn't happy to quit. So he did. More info when we have it.

"The conduct of Tecmo Co, Ltd and its president Yoshimi Yasuda towards me has been unbefitting of a publicly-listed company. I have filed this lawsuit with a strong intent to question the social responsibility of Tecmo Co, Ltd and its President Yoshimi Yasuda," he added.
2008/06/02 13:47:40: By DM
Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has revealed that his company has about 780 Euros (1.2bil USD) put aside for developer and company acquisitions. Yves is fully aware of the Activision/Vivendi merger, and the fact that EA is looking for companies to acquire as well.

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