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2006/09/28 16:27:07: Posted by Josh
Are you still waiting for the Black XBOX 360 and a new Halo 3 trailer to show up? The bad news is that neither of those things were announced at X06. The good news is that many of the pre-show rumors came true. We've compiled a list of the major rumors that were floating around in the days before X06 along with the outcomes.

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Written by Scyler (3) on 2006/09/28

yeah, some of the most obvious ones that somebody with a brain can figure out (Blue Dragon to the USA, yeah i didn't see that coming, seeing how usa doesn't like jap games like Chrono Trigger! sarcasm)
Written by bob (262) on 2006/09/28

Told y'all those rumors were complete BS. I'm surprised how many sites posted it and how many gullible gamers believed it.
Written by Unknown (119) on 2006/09/28

Rumors happen all the time, however i never seen that many rumors in MS camp (thats what you get when you have kids onboard ^_^) compare to Sony and even Nintendo, until then unless its officially announce, please don't flap your dick about it! Nobody likes party poopers.
Written by Unbiased Technology Professor on 2006/09/28

I am an Unbiased College Professor in a Technology class. I work with adults on a regular bases. Nevertheless, rumors are always circulating. Here's some advice: Don't believe rumors!
Written by optaviusx on 2006/09/29

The black Xbox 360 is 100% true guys mark my words :)
Written by Matt (105) on 2006/09/29

Optavius, the black ones are the dev kits. A black one would look ugly anyway.
Written by Nemesis IX (265) on 2006/09/29

a shiny black one would look cool not the matt black dev one's.
Written by gamer (8) on 2006/09/29

they was one rumor that was not on the list but came true, it was assasins creed gameplay which looked great!!, so it on IGN
Written by optaviusx on 2006/09/29

Not just those matt there will be black ones released with hdmi and built in hd-dvd drives and 250GB hdds later on. Not sure when it will happen though, but it will.
Written by whYte420 (99) on 2006/09/29

Black 360 would be sweet ass, the faceplates would look better with it too.
Written by Smarty Pants (245) on 2006/09/29

Man, i finally got around to watching Assasin's footage and kept thinking..THIS is what Zelda should look like. But, it will be another 5-6 years before that ever happens.
Written by optaviusx on 2006/09/29

This preview feature is one of the coolest things I've ever seen on a site.

If it scrolled down like say 2 or 3 times faster it would be even better :)
Written by Unknown (119) on 2006/09/29

Gee, the guys at compusa was right, don't buy a 360 right now because a better model will be out with hdmi and a bigger HD, wonder what this means for us fucks that already bought one, sure hell won't buy another one again! unless need to get rid of the old one somehow cheap
Written by Fruity Loops ZX (179) on 2006/09/29

unknown: hardware upgrades are inevitable. You think this is bad, try staying current in the DSLR market...its very expensive. And, they will probably offer the larger HDD as an optional purchase; the HDMI is another story.
Written by Kenny K on 2006/09/29

there was a Forza 2 demo at the show.
Written by optaviusx on 2006/09/29

HDMI isn't an issue till 2011 (probably will never be for the 360) ICT isn't being enforced till about then. Sony including hdmi in both ps3 models is an attempt to force the hd-dvd camp to enforce hdmi as well hoping it would drop all hd-dvd movie playback on 360 to standard def on the 360, but Microsoft is a pretty big hd-dvd supporter so its pretty much a guarantee that will never happen.

You'll be able to buy the larger hard drive (obviously)
Written by Fruity Loops ZX (179) on 2006/09/29

HDMI will never become absolutely necessary since you would always have to support legacy formats. But, it will be come the preferred method of connection; simply because its digital.

How many people would use an analog audio connection instead of optical (Wii people have no choice of course)..or use VGA when you have DVI available?
Written by optaviusx on 2006/09/29

I don't know I've connected my hdtv via hdtv and component and I honestly haven't noticed a difference. To me the best thing about hdmi is the convenience it takes care of video and sound no clutter of wires.
Written by Fruity Loops ZX (179) on 2006/09/29

Right. Thats all im saying; its digital and convienent.

Very few people will be able to notice a difference anytime soon...just like most people cant hear the difference in stereo analog vs optical audio because the limiting factor are their sucky speakers...but, its a cool optical cable!
Written by Unknown (119) on 2006/09/30

Try telling that to videophilles, also i do notice a difference on the Sony XBR definetely, if its not a big thing why all the big fuss about it appearing later in the future, when ICT isn't an issue with video games
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