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Capcom Shoryuken's Street Fighter II Onto The Wii!? >
2006/12/12 23:07:39: Posted by vividbreeze
1UP has reported that ESRB has approved Street Fighter 2 for the Nintendo Wii. Hopefully this game will have a online feature, but for now it's to early to tell.

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Written by Unbiased Technology Professor on 2006/12/13

This is just a release of the 16-bit SNES version of Street Fighter 2, not the arcade game. This isn't an arcade conversion like the version of Street Fighter 2 that appeared on Xbox Live Arcade.
Written by Gaara's Bane on 2006/12/13

good . i actually liked the console one better than the arcade one..
Written by Twilight_King_69 on 2006/12/14

yea me too the super nes one rocked
Written by Fishcake21 on 2006/12/14

remind me why SNES was better than the arcade?
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