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Ubisoft Announces Assassin's Creed Video Game Has Gone Gold >
2007/10/25 12:13:50: Posted by vividbreeze


London, United Kingdom – October 25, 2007 – Today Ubisoft, one of the world’s largest video game publishers, announced its highly anticipated Assassin’s Creed™ video game has gone “gold” and is set to launch on November 16, 2007. The title is one of the most anticipated games for the holiday season, arriving on the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system and the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft. The game will be a rating 15 BBFC.

“We’ve been working very hard for nearly four years to make Assassin’s Creed a reality and now there is a confirmed date when players will get to experience the results of our efforts,” shared Jade Raymond, producer of Assassin’s Creed. “This is a huge event for the team. Our biggest reward will be everyone having a lot of good solid fun.”

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Assassin's Creed

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Written by CianMCL on 2007/10/25

Written by LordFlux on 2007/10/25

Written by poprocker on 2007/10/25

rock on!
Written by B1ueBurneR on 2007/10/25

the news should read, Arriving on the Xbox 360 gaming system and Delayed on the PS3.
Written by captkey3s on 2007/10/25

can't wait
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