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2008/08/04 10:58:14: Posted by DM
Sony Computer Entertainment America's Scott Steinberg spo9ke with GI about Nintendo's current strategy, and how Sony has no desire to mimic it. He claims that Sony has no desire to hook in the older players who have never games before, and that Sony does not want "senior citizen gamers.

"I think the reality is that we will win hands-down if we convert the PS2 owners to PS3," he said. "When we look at the total available market, we salivate at the notion of converting our existing PS2 universe.

If they can convert them, sure. That's the trick though, isn't it.
2008/08/03 22:56:06: Posted by DM
From our weekend in-case-you-missed-it department, it seems the PS3, at least, is going to get a demo of the much-anticipated Final Fantasy XIII. Apparently, the Advent Children movie Blu-Ray edition will also feature a demo of the PS3 version of the upcoming game -- great news. We are sure this will boost AC sales, which is great too, the movie was decent.
2008/08/01 14:50:45: Posted by DM
According to the MTV blog, Sony is planning a PSP comeback in America. Over the next 12 months, Sony is planning some exciting accessories and software updates to make the unit more of a "Swiss Army Knife" type device. Of course, there are also tons of great new games planned, never fear. Monster Hunter by Capcom was even mentioned, one of the handheld's top sellers.
2008/07/29 21:52:36: Posted by DM
There may or may not be a new PS3 firmware up for download right now. Some users in the UK and some in the US have reported that there was a firmware update when they logged in tonight to 2.42. We cannot find it, but we know some who have installed it. We are trying to locate the change log now.
2008/07/29 16:14:10: Posted by DM
Of course, it is going to be a while before we see the Playstation 4, but according to Forbes (and common sense), Microsoft and Nintendo have almost certainly started work on the next generation of game hardware. Even though developers are only just finding out what the PS3, 360, and Wii can really do, the battleground of the next-next-generation is shaping up. No one is talking specifics yet, according to Forbes, the behind the scenes framework is being put in place already. Great news, may be within 1.5 years we will start hearing the whispers. the Forbes article is an interesting read this evening, check it out.
2008/07/24 11:54:36: Posted by DM
Although Sony maintains that HOME is still on for a Fall release, we are hearing the rumblings of yet another delay. Kaz Hirai himself today stated that "it doesn't matter when we launch." He says Sony would much rather have more time to make a great product, than rush something into the market. Well, Sony, the time is ticking away. If Xbox360 beats you to the punch, that is going to look bad.

"I want to avoid that. If we have the right service, it doesn't matter when we launch - so long as it's in a reasonable timeframe," he added.
2008/07/22 14:50:23: Posted by DM
Images of a new model PSP called the PSP-3000, as you may or may not know, have appeared on the web. The unit supposedly includes a built-in mic and new button placement and shape. Of course, when Sony was contacted, they gave the usual " no comment." Stay tuned, rumor mill for now.
2008/07/22 12:46:32: Posted by DM
Dean Takahashi spoke with EA CEO John Riccitiello, and he praised his own staff for their recent development efforts. He also spoke about MS, Nintendo, and Sony, and their respective consoles. He admits that up until this year, EA was slanted more towards Xbox360 and PS3. He said they are trying to correct that now that the Wii is so popular. The Nintendo DS as well! He even speaks a bit about the new WiiMotion Plus.
2008/07/18 11:12:28: Posted by DM
We finally got the official NPD numbers, and the top home hardware is *drumroll* Wii! The console sold 666,000 units in June. The Nintendo DS came in at 783,000, but that is a handheld. The Sony consoles, both Playstation 3 and PSP beat out the Xbox360, with a measly 219,000. Chances are Metal Gear Solid 4 did affect PS3 hardware sales more than previously thought. The only thing the 360 did not beat was the PS2 at 188,000, pretty good for a 10 year old console. Click read more for the official info.

PlayStation 3 405.5k
PSP 337.4k
Playstation 2 188.8k
Xbox 360 219.8k
Wii 666.7k
Nintendo DS 783k
2008/07/17 17:02:33: Posted by DM
According to Gamespot, there may be an update coming to PSP that adds trophy support to the Sony handheld. It was during the presentation of a PSP trivia game on the Gamespot Live show that a Sony exec divulged that the game would feature trophy awards. When asked if this meant the PSP was getting trophy support for all games, he artfully dodged the question. Sounds like its coming to us.
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